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taker64 said:
Dude... this band does not have anything in their entire catalogue that can be described as "rubbish". The weakest maiden tracks might be weak, but never "rubbish". Have a kick...

By Maiden standards, it's rubbish.
For me this is 7/10. I think it's a gleefully entertaining song. I like the sarcastic lyrics and the main riff. I'm not entirely comfortable with the somewhat raw sound but it doesn't worry me much. It feels dated lyrically but that doesn't bog it down IMO.


Ancient Mariner
9. Funny, sarcastic and povocative! Love Janick's manic solo; I love his style since I listened to this song, back in December 1990.

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What Jeff said + Dave's solo also rocks!

However, song is way too simple to be above 8.


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I actually like this one. The lyrics are good, solos are awesome and the melody is great. A solid 8/10

Night Prowler

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Fantastic song, great vocals and solos. Video for this song is my favorite Iron Maiden video. Lyrics are excellent. 10/10.


This song's message has really dated badly.

I suppose that's what happens when the topic is contemporary politics or news.


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MaidenCanada said:
This song's message has really dated badly.
No it hasn't. Televangelists are just as corrupt now as they were in the 90's. Nothing has changed.


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Stallion Duck said:
No it hasn't. Televangelists are just as corrupt now as they were in the 90's. Nothing has changed.
They're even more corrupt, because there is more scrutiny and cynicism that they have to deal with. Lotsa lemmings out there though...
The last verse is puzzling to me. "Friend of the president, trick of the tail"?, "they can have a Lincoln for their bed"? I'm not American so I might not be getting those references for that reason, can anybody explain?


Ancient Mariner
the Lincoln bedroom is in the White House, it is where guests (who are often large campaign contributors) stay.


Not even Wensleydale?
I can't say I'm in the least bit surprised that the comments for this song are so scathing, but seeing as I'm in a very small minority that loves everything on the No Prayer album, I don't agree with them. I do have to take issue with some comments saying it can't rate highly as it's a "simple" song. I didn't realise that in order for a song to qualify for classic status, it must be a technical progressive epic... I obviously missed something there!

The song opens with a deceptively happy sounding riff, although this is offset a little by the grimy production. It's an angry song, with a befittingly aggressive vocal by Bruce, and the solos are awesome, particularly Davey's! I feel the biting lyrical content is just as relevant today as it was back in 1990, which makes the song sound anything but dated to my ears. I also have lasting memories of being scared as a kid listening to the single whilst looking at the creepy single cover. Especially the end of the song when Bruce goes "Ahhh!"  :p

An amazing song, and one I definitely feel should have survived in Maiden setlists beyond the No Prayer tour...