Hey, were is BNW on iTunes?


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So I've been rebuying the iTunes versions of Maiden's albums one by one and no BNW? What gives? Has anyone noticed this?
hmmm... Maybe a re-release is on the way ?
Now with more compression and brickwalling !!
But they just did a re-release in March or May of this year. Also, its not loud enough unless the waveform looks like this:
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Yeah it's not on there, and neither is Dance of Death. I asked that question back in 2012.The answer I got was that the label pulled them. The albums were actually on there recently, right when they first did all the remasterings, but then removed after like a month.
Someone contacted iTunes and they stated that it has been removed. Strange that it only seems to be in the US though.
1) This is a form letter that iTunes sends out whenever content is removed from the store. It is meaningless.
2) Iron Maiden has a different label in the US than other countries.
Reality has shifted again, and Brave New World never existed. (Think Berenstein Bears/dilemna/Luke, I am your father.)

Anybody have a clue what I am talking about? :)
I have been wanting to buy BNW and DoD since July 16th and I have sent a message to the IM.com store, their facebook account and their twitter account. No one has bothered to answer me.
I sent a message to apple and itunes and they only said "the content distributor has chosen to remove the material at this time". They wouldn't let me contact the "content distributor" directly.
It's very annoying when I had to listen to both albums on youtube for the past month. I don't want to bother to buy a physical CD.

Does anyone on this board have a connection with someone meaningful at EMI Music or the IM band, managers, etc? Can anyone bring this to their attention and get a reason? Thanks.