Here we go again...Iron Maiden sued over the rights of 6 songs


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In Spanish the letter V is the same as B but, allegedly, "softer". I don't know about Portuguese though.
Grammatically speaking they don't but actually in the north of Portugal that happens. But that's simply the region's accent. Especially older people there switch V's for B's on countless words. Hey perhaps the "Baza" variant from the Brazilian version thing is due to that since Vaza (in English means to leak out, to drain) makes a whole more sense.


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I'm a month late on this, but it's utterly remarkable how many people think of Lars as a dickhead when he's been a bit of a trail blazer when it comes to defending musicians.
Yup... hey! He's like most people: can be a dick at some aspects (and surely is) and a cool guy on others (also true).


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Has there been any new info on this? Are they still attempting to sue Maiden or has it all fizzled out?

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Kind of torn on this a bit. They should protect their interests but....given that they've had their own legal issues recently, maybe they should think about letting this go? Am seeing this brought up a couple times already.
Now if the game had a female, undead corpse running around named "Edie".....then they should go all in.
Come to think of it, has Eddie ever had a girlfriend? (Women in Uniform cover doesn't count)