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Guitar solos " The Final Frontier"

Discussion in 'The Final Frontier' started by Edu_Smith, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Edu_Smith

    Edu_Smith Eduardo

    1) Satellite 15...The Final frontier
    Smith - 6:31/6:53
    Murray - 6:53/7:14

    2) El Dorado
    Smith - 3:41/3:53
    Murray - 3:53/4:05
    Gers - 4:06/4:22

    3) Mother of Mercy
    Smith - 2:54/3:12

    4) Coming Home
    Murray - 3:34/3:58
    Smith - 3:59/4:24

    5) The Alchemist
    Gers - 3:05/3:35

    6) Isle of Avalon
    Murray - 3:49/4:14
    Smith - 4:31/5:17

    7) Starblind
    ( solos  1:59/3:38 - Smith)
    Smith - 4:15/4:42
    Murray - 4:43/5:03
    Smith - 5:48/6:03

    8 ) The Talisman
    Gers - 5:56/6:42

    9) The Man Who Would Be King
    Murray - 4:00/

    10) When The Wild Wind Blows
    Smith - 4:43/5:03
    Murray - 5:23/5:43
    Gers - 8:40/9:04
  2. judas_rising

    judas_rising Invader

    NICE!  Thank you!
  3. ______no5

    ______no5 The Angel Of The Odd

    In case the list is correct -likely- I don't like the distribution of solos, Janick is put aside.
    By the way I wonder if ever Adrian shared a solo with Janick only, without Dave. Surely they aren't the best friends those two!
  4. Babo 91

    Babo 91 Nomad

    I think theres possibly a few mistakes here I don't remember murray soloing before smith on isle of avalon. I need to listen to it again though.

    I don't know whether its the quality or the mix but i think the guitar solos are quite hard to hear.
  5. Galvanise_

    Galvanise_ Prowler

    The production does let the guitars down on this album. Even then, the solo's lack inspiration compared to other ones 'HBTN', 'Blood Brothers' etc.
  6. Cap Maronis

    Cap Maronis Trooper

    Eh, I kinda disagree, were you listening to the same exploratory slightly psychedelic solos in the latter half of the album that I was? They're different, and while I agree about the production, but I don't think the solos in Isle of Avalon, Starblind or The Talisman lack inspiration at all.
  7. LordMaiden

    LordMaiden Trooper

    The solos blend in with the album rather than stand apart which makes this album so unique and great.
  8. ______no5

    ______no5 The Angel Of The Odd

    True about the production, yet I find that most of the solos go very well with the songs.
    Unlikely the other reunion Maiden albums, here the bulk of the songs are not built to promote the solos; the solos are rather fitted in the (riff) structure of the songs.
    IMO this was made completely intentionally, which explains your remark about the production.
    A completely new approach to Maiden songwriting.

  9. LordMaiden

    LordMaiden Trooper

    There is a ton of guitar here. You just gotta let the album work.
  10. ______no5

    ______no5 The Angel Of The Odd

    @LM ; Since earlier in some other threads, I've noticed we agreed in many things about Maiden music. Also yesterday I noticed and liked some of your posts in the crazy thread.
    You got registered early this month, so that's why I didn't had notice you. Anyway welcome !!
  11. LordMaiden

    LordMaiden Trooper

    Thank you!

    Yeah, I noticed we seem to be on the same page with this. I can't stop listening to this thing, man. It is so awesome. And I can't wait for the CD next week!
  12. Stan

    Stan Nomad

    I actually like the solos a lot. A lot of H's solos, which is good. His tone is un-mistakable and is bloody damn good.
  13. IronMark666

    IronMark666 Prowler

    AMOLAD was by far Maiden's worst album for solos. Dave in particular I think has gone way downhill with his solos over the years and they all sound very samey now. TFF is a real improvement on the quality of solos and a lot of them stand out. Having said what I did about Dave's solos, it's nice to hear an album with Janick taking a back seat a bit in songwriting and solos. Adrian Smith is the man on this record and it's all the better because of that.
  14. LordMaiden

    LordMaiden Trooper

    I've noticed Gers is perfect for the little touches, which I think make this album stand out. Put on some headphones and really listen.
  15. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon The dreamers may die, but the dreams live on.

    On S15...TFF, I hear 3 separate solos:
  16. adrian fn rules

    adrian fn rules Chili-head

    All solo work is Adrian's for Isle of Avalon  I can see how one might think that first portion is Davey but it's not...                           
  17. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon The dreamers may die, but the dreams live on.

    Does anyone else hear 3 separate solos on S15...TFF? I see my poll was deleted. :( I thought it made for some good conversation. Oh well.
  18. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    There is also room to do this in the topic of that particular song. Choice enough, I'd say.
  19. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon The dreamers may die, but the dreams live on.

    But no one in here is responding to my thought about it having 3 separate solos. I figured a separate topic would get some action on it.
  20. Yax

    Yax Ancient Mariner

    And it's just as appropriate to do it in here.

    I'm also pretty damn certain it's only two solos. Gers' lead tone is very different to that of the other two, due to both amp/settings/etc and the way his fingers works the fretboard and how he strikes the pick. I'm positive there's no Gers in this song. Same tone throughout the first solo and it sounds like H.

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