Guess The Iron Maiden Song!

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns ?
This is the absoluteley fucking correct answer!
Of course it's BTATS. :)



Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman. So this one referring to Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the bomb. („ ...whatever would Robert have said to his God...“)


„...Shadow fingers rise above...“


Manhattan. The secret state of pre-research on the bomb from late 1942 on was named Manhattan Project among the US military and government officials.


The Beatles infront of the Abbey Road Studios. BTATS got performed by Maiden at that place (well, not on the stairs, but inside the studio).


Monty Python's Terry Jones is linked so much to one famous role - which was the appearance of Mr. Creosote in „The Meaning Of Life“. Mr. Creosote obviously was a fat man (before he literally exploded). „Fat Man“ was the name of the second atomic bomb, going down onto Nagasaki in August 1945.


Beatiful Pacific island of Tinian. The archipel were the bomber got launched from.


Quincy, Illionois. Birthplace to Commander Paul Tibbets.


Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. Well, trinity...


Very gay. The plane the bomb got dropped off was named after Commander Tibbets mother, Enola Gay.


„...Iron fingers stab the desert sky...“


Kevin in New York. Kevin is a little boy. „Little Boy“ - the name of the Hiroshima bomb.


The Beatles crossing Abbey Road. The famous cover of the album by the same name as the road. See also #4.


Former German cancellor Helmut Kohl was from Ludwigshafen, Germany. If WW2 wouldn't have ended in spring of 1945, Ludwigshafen was one of the most likely targets instead of Japan. And the Fat Man, again...


Uriah Heep's „Salisbury“ album cover is not that far away from the cover concept of „A Matter Of Life And Death“, which has BTATS as the third track on it.


In 1986 they released an album called „Brighter Than A Thousand Suns“.


This Schechter guitar is an Evil Twin model. „Yellow sun its evil twin, in the black the wings deliver him“.


BTATS was only played on the original album tour in 2006/2007 and on the summer festivals of 2007.
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