Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
Clue #1:


(PS you don't need to understand French)
Clue #2: the price of freedom is not necessarily what you think
Clue #3: Saxon sang about someone related, but Accept did not.
Clue #4: the song is actually a medley

Incorrect guesses: Childhood's End/ The Pilgrim/ No More Lies/ Dance of Death/ The Unbeliever/ Montsegur/ Children of the Damned/ Empire of the Clouds/ Judgment Day/ For The Greater Good of God


Ancient Mariner
yup... Nektar of the gods, 40 leaves i pay for freedom, and the cover is actualy a medley of both KOT and Crying In The Dark.


Ancient Mariner
Clue 1 - It's a Paul Di'Anno song
Clue 2 - Halford didn't feel well inside while doing this.

WG: Remember Tomorrow, Killers, Invasion, Prowler, Charlotte The Harlot, Can I Play With Madness?, Running Free

Clue 3 - Son of a well known kisser.