GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - Winner: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son!

Which album is your favourite?

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Diesel 11

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Jesus Christ. I don't know how to vote because none of these albums are really that good IMO. They're all important but no stakes like it was last round. Puppets didn't deserve to exit just for two of these to remain.


Ancient Mariner


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A lesser round, but still a pretty easy round.

Rainbow’s best is stronger than a pretty “meh” Priest album. Sorry, Coosefed Prick, but your genetically engineered one-third throuple-nephew MrSrfcorniallerHockielter The Daxikipotonight’s choice takes this one. Winner: Rainbow

This Helloween album had no business getting this far, as it’s only got about 1.5 great songs on it and the rest is forgettable. This Judas Priest album is way more consistent and deserving. Sorry, PotInTheDank420, but The Flacshrf’s nominee has yours outclassed. Winner: Judas Priest


Ancient Mariner
Judas Priest v Rainbow - Easy enough choice here, Stained Class is a good album with a lot of great deep cuts, but bar Beyond the Realms of Death it dioesn't have many big hitters for me, I find Exciter corny and I heard Halford's live version of the title track first so the studio version shows it's age when I listen to the album. Rising only has one flaw, the lyric (and only that one line of lyrics) in Do You Close Your Eyes.

Rainbow with the win

Helloween v Judas Priest - I suspect this will probably be the easiest choice in the last 16 for me. Helloween have a somewhat listenable album from a one trick pony genre, whereas my nomination Sad Wings of Destiny invented pretty much most of the tropes of Heavy Metal. Epitaph is shit though. And I mention this every time I post, and I can't impress this enough, you need to get listening to the album in the real, original running order so it finished with a bang-bang-bang of Victim of Changes, The Ripper, Dreamer Deceiver and Deceiver.

Judas Priest with the win


Ancient Mariner
Puppets would´ve beaten the crap out of these 4 albums...

Ultimately I'd say you're correct, but I reckon even Lars Ulrich would agree that Sad Wings of Destiny and Rising are albums that in the history of Heavy Metal can share a pedestal with Master of Puppets.
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Out of the Silent Planet
The first matchup is a tough choice - Rising benefits from being shorter than Stained Class, but the album of Priest has some fillers, while the album of Rainbow has one of the best heavy metal songs of all time (''Stargazer'') and three more classics.

Sad Wings Of Destiny is good, but Keeper Of The Seven Keys: Part II is a better album as a whole piece and with the better songs imo.