Great sources for TONS of bootlegs!

I'm not so sure folk even trade any more, so much as just share them online. Last time I traded it was all about high quality CDR's! I too will be looking at expanding my boots when I get my own list sorted and will happily throw a few your way. What I'm struggling with right now is the lack of post 2005 boots out there, but in fairness I haven't had a proper look yet. My conquest will begin soon though!
That would be great, thanks! I've finally managed to download my first one, a Guns N' Roses one mind but it is strange. That took about 3 minutes to Download whereas the Maiden one I attempted yesterday took about an hour for halfway.
Is there any reason why bootlegs are in weird formats, just for them to be converted back to mp3?


It may just be that they are high quality MP3 or FLAC, so they will be an overall larger set of files. That said, your average DVD is around 3 to 5 GB and that's not an unfeasible amount to be able to download in one go.... Thing is with downloads is you can never be sure what your getting. File transfer is probably best. When I get my list sorted I'll drop you a message :)

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That is why they seeked legal action when a company from brazil were selling fake LAD dvds

Oh man, you made me remember those shitty dvds! I remember when LaD was being oficially released on DVD, those started to appear again at various record stores here. The quality on those was very cheap, as it seemed to be a vhs-to-dvd copy with almost no special features, probably just a standard wikipedia-like bio of the band and a "picture gallery" (which I believe it was just screenshots of the dvd). This happened with many other dvds, both from bands and movies.


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I'll say!

I've been searching these sites, but it's virtually impossible to find a pro-recorded set from the AMOLAD tour.
I remember back before I was a member on the forum the website used to have an audio only download available from the soundboard of a show in Sweden on the first leg of AMOLAD tour in 2006 which was amazing. Eventually got taken down though (but not before I downloaded it!) I keep the last 3 songs (FTGGOG, LOL, & The Legacy) in my phone to listen to while I am driving. Sounds much better than the studio versions because ALL of Janick's guitar is in the right channel where it belongs. Not in the center channel like some of his licks and leads are on AMOLAD and TBOS studio recordings.


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Are all these tracks really from Ed Hunter tour? Because the note inside says something about taking recordings from 1999 to 2006... I'm not sure if I understand that correctly.
OK, Phantom is for sure from Ullevi, The Evil That Men Do and Fear are from Globen 2006... There are probably more from these shows. It seems that the only Ed Hunter tracks on this 'bootleg' are the BNW b-sides. :p

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OK, Phantom is for sure from Ullevi, The Evil That Men Do and Fear are from Globen 2006... There are probably more from these shows. It seems that the only Ed Hunter tracks on this 'bootleg' are the BNW b-sides. :p
Oh, that's such a bummer! Thanks for noticing that though.

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Anyone registered there? I'm looking for Iced Earth bootlegs from 2008, if there's nothing, then I don't have to bother looking for an invite :p
Damn! Nothing from that year on there. Guitars101 has some though including this:

Here's another site to check out for mostly Maiden:

You can't register on dimeadozen anymore.
Dime is just temporarily closed and says it will re-open in a few days.


Anyone got Revelations - Live At Rainbow?


Rainbow Theatre
London, England – UK
20th June 1980
  1. The Ides Of March
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Wrathchild
  4. Prowler
  5. Remember Tomorrow
  6. Killers
  7. Running Free
  8. Another Life
  9. Transylvania
  10. Strange World
  11. Charlotte The Harlot
  12. Phantom Of The Opera
  13. Iron Maiden
  14. Drifter
This is a soundboard recording of the show, with a really good sound quality.
Quality: 9 / 10
Source: soundboard
I Really Need This. I Cant find any downloads. Please help


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The lossless Maiden hub uses DC++ software for file sharing and therefore you won't find anything on the web. You need :

1) DC++ client
2) Authorization for the server - ask by sending mail to hub staff found on the website
3) Some lossless bootlegs shared. They have to be lossless.
4) Forward three ports, both TCP and UDP enabled from your router to your DC++ running computer
5) Setup DC++ ; put your boots directory to share. Connection mode - "active", enter the three ports you forwarded. Disable segmented downloading.
6) Connect to Eddie's Hub server with auth you got