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Diesel 11

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If it’s a good picture, the repost value should be pretty high. Maybe it’s just not as funny this time around. Maybe once was enough for a cheap laugh. Perhaps what Wiz is saying is that he picks out shoddy images that should only be posted once and then no more. Perhaps the one who really should take notes is Wiz himself.


Pica Serdica
Third time this has been posted.:nonono:

The other one was in the 1M thread and I can't find it.
Ah but there's an important difference - Eastern Thrace is no longer within the triangle.
Probably due to @The Flash objecting last time.


Dominus et deus
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If we're going that way, Slovenia should be out too, as it's a Euro country that is a major trade hub between Italy and Central Europe. And Croatia isn't doing that bad either.