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Ancient Mariner
It's a second largest city with the typical insecurities. We joke about them not having metro. They have trams but call them a weird word "šalina". Generally the dialect is funny to us with many strange/silly words .. but many of these words actually became cool to use with time. Their main train station is a disaster, a truly scary place. They got a nice hill with a castle and cool park around though. They have a small expat/student community and some nice bars, but it just does not have a feeling of a big city.
New Years two years ago we spent in Brno attending a Couchsurfing wintercamp and there was simply nothing to do for more than 1 day, nothing if you don't count getting wasted, curing the 'over the next day and getting smashed again. To end with a classic joke:

People of Brno think Prague is full of stuck-up pricks.
People of Prague don't think about Brno at all.

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I've been reading C&H and watching their shorts before I was even on MaidenFans. I just don't post them here.