From Here To Eternity

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Number 6

Ancient Mariner
And here we reach the conclusion to Charlotte's fateful (or not so much) story. Perfectly chaotic ending to a perfectly chaotic story. The video for this song is one of my favorites (I remember watching it on MTV when I was a kid and didn't understand a single thing). Davey's performance is particularly good here, the way he emulates the sound of a motorcycle is chaotically wonderful, as is Janick's genius solo. Deserves an 8.


The dotage of a dotard
An interesting opening leads into a catchy verse and a chorus with group vocals, which is uncommon for the band. Bruce lapses into growly mode again, which crosses over into self-parody at times. Guitar revs lead into a pair of cool solos before a final chorus and a big rock ending.

Bruce's free association vocals during the interlude and outro are a bit weird and don't do the song any favors.

Not a lot of meat here, but what is here is pretty good. 7/10.


Barbed Wire Hen
THE most irritating Maiden song. Only thing that keeps it from getting a 1 are the solos, which are cool


Out of the Silent Planet
I really like this song - very underrated track that is super catchy. Some says that it is a song in a AC/DC style, but I disagree. This song is a typical more rock style Maiden song (like a lot from the 90's). The chorus is catchy as hell, the solos are brutal and riff & rhythm are great. Ideal song for a single (the end of Charlotte saga). Easily deserves a 9/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Catchy song that wraps up the "Charlotte" saga. It isn't too deep but it's a lot of fun nonetheless, and I like the way it narrates the story. 7
I have always thought this song is very similar in melody and structure to Cinderella’s Shake Me :p.Even the solo gives a very 80s hair metal vibe!

Vantage Point

Educated Fool
I don't listen to it much now, but this is the song that really got me into Maiden. Friend had the album and every time I was round at his house I'd always put this track on. Then one day I thought I should get the album for myself, and obviously then proceeded to get heavily into band and buy up the back catalogue and go and see them for the first time on the Real Live Tour.


Educated Fool
Through the lyrics of the chorus, however, Harris passes the message
that on our own and on earth we make heaven or hell with choices
us. "Hell" is just the living
consequences of our wrong choices.


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
I see there's certain amount of hate to this song. As a listener whom native language is not English, lyrics never bothered me. First and foremost I listen to the music itself and vocal melodies. I like From Here to Eternity. It fits very well after BQOBD. Rocking song with an attitude. Very well crafted and constructed. It fits No Prayer and Fear of the Dark Maiden. I rate this song -10- points and I would very gladly to see it live. Plus, song title itself is cool. Anyways, great short rocker!

There's -B- action film category.

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
The Charlotte saga comes to a close here in a tight rocking single. Maiden have never been sexier than on this number, and somehow it suits them. The verses hit, the chorus is a belter, the solos scream like revving bikes, it’s a fiery fucking number. I dig it a lot! 9/10