Fates Warning

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Educated Fool
According to Dickinson, through his lyrics
song, Harris approaches the uncertainties of life and the unanswered
question marks that leave the unexpected of the death of a person or a
natural disaster with many victims.


I love the tune, and Harris's bass tone is awesome, especially under the harmonies between 3:06--3:32.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Something between Maiden’s “Deja-Vu” and Lita Ford’s “Close My Eyes Forever” opens track five. I like the synths but otherwise it’s nothing special. The actual riff is eh. I like the guitar playing in the verses but it’s otherwise not very inspired (and nabs bits from Bruce’s “No Lies”). The lyrics are pretty mediocre for Maiden too. The bridge hearkens back to “Total Eclipse” but it’s got a lovely arrangement. The instrumental section rocks, in particular that second solo!!! But then they cut it off so short and go back to that stupid chorus. Ultimately there are awesome moments that elevate this one, but the base of the song is faulty and calls back much better songs. 6/10