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Fates Warning

Discussion in 'No Prayer For The Dying' started by Anonymous, Apr 11, 2004.


How good is Fates Warning on a scale of 1-10?

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  2. 9

  3. 8

  4. 7

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  1. The Mid-Distance Runner

    The Mid-Distance Runner Climb like a lemur!!

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    Great verses and lyrics. The chorus seems too up-tempo and unsmooth. Nice solos section but then comes back for one run through of the chorus, which seems anticlimactic. Drop the chorus throughout the song and extend the solo to the end and we'd have a song worthy of devil horns.

  2. Mega

    Mega Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    Very, very awesome song. Great intro, great main riff, awesome first solo and really awesome second solo.
    I'm starting to think this is the best song on the album.

    Anyhow, 8. It gets a little extra credit for being on NPFTD.
  3. Jeffmetal

    Jeffmetal Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    9. Love it! Punching rhythm, one of the best Maiden guitar harmonies and one of Jan's most memorable solos.
  4. Mega

    Mega Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

  5. Albie

    Albie Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    Not a bad track at all - 7 from me. Great intro and then into that beat that you just can't help banging your head to.
  6. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    One of my favourites.  Somehow the three songs which were never played are for me the best. This is one of them. Steve is really playing so many nice bass patterns, enriched with short and fast high notes. I can't get enough of his vital contribution. It's almost as he did twice his best to come up with something good, maybe the change in the line-up stimulated him extra? Don't get me wrong, I love his bass playing on the previous albums as well, but this heavy stimulating playing is really carrying the songs to a higher level.

    The solo parts are nice (also the rhythm parts underneath) but the harmony is even better.

  7. national acrobat

    national acrobat Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    I like the intro quite a bit, and the 2nd solo and instrumental section before it too. The lyrics I don't find particularly exciting or interesting. 4/10
  8. Donner

    Donner Ancient Mariner

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    This song is about a 6 for me.  The intro is cool, but seemingly completely unrelated to the rest of the song (like Breeg).  The lyrics seem a bit too un Maiden for Maiden. 

    This tune does feature a great dual melody right after the solo sections.
  9. Vortex

    Vortex Invader

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    I rated it 4/10
  10. Travis The Dragon

    Travis The Dragon The dreamers may die, but the dreams live on.

    Re: Daily Song: Fates Warning

    Yo LC! Next song please. :)
  11. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    Harmonies are amazing on that song. 8/10.
  12. Prowler_108

    Prowler_108 Trooper

    Not bad, not the best off the album though.  6.
  13. Zare

    Zare Dream of broken citadels


    Reminescent of Somewhere In Time, especially Deja-Vu like intro. Very good lyrics, excellent / effective key change at "hurricane devastates" part, good solos, whole song is great, but i can't escape general feeling that something is missing with most of NPFTD tracks.
  14. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    A great song with one of my favorite vocal melodies. There is something lacking in it though. 9/10
  15. Vap

    Vap Ancient Mariner

    Forgettable, nothing special. 6/10
  16. Fugazi

    Fugazi Alchemist

    8/10, a rocking tune, thought provoking lyrics and another fine performance from BD.
  17. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

    Really boring song. I listened to it again like 15 minutes ago and I can't remember anything from the song, except some parts that remind me of Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter. 3/10 because there are worse songs.
  18. bearfan

    bearfan Ancient Mariner

    A 7, I have grown to appreciate the song over the years (really the whole album, every song would probably be rated 1 or 2 lower had I done this 5 years ago).
  19. Revelations85

    Revelations85 Trooper

    7/10. I like the vocals.
  20. Sara

    Sara Not even Wensleydale?

    This is one of Maiden's most hideously underrated songs, and I feel, a brilliant song with Davey delivering some of his best guitar work on it. It's a very intense number, both musically and lyrically. And the solo section is just wonderful!

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