Fates Warning

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I can tell that this song was trying so hard to be more grand than it ultimately ended up being. I can neither like it nor dislike it. It's so-so. 7/10


Well, there are several cool ideas but nothing great. The intro solo is good as always but doesn't seem to belong to the song. The verses and chorus are good but it just feels a little bit flat to be honest. Still enjoy it thou and think that this album is underrated.



Ancient Mariner
7. Hidden gem of a song with some very enjoyable guitar parts and a good chorus.


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Ancient Mariner
A slightly meh song with a good chorus and a few other enjoyable features.


Prince of the Final Frontier
I like the song as well as the album. Its very consistent to me but may not be the strongest statement. Its really the sound of a band in transisition and this song is emblematic of the album its on.

6/10 for me but the album is a 6/10.


Ancient Mariner
This song is incredibly average except for the lovely solos and Steve Harris' playing. 6/10


clap hands

A quiet, wailing lead opens Fates Warning, another incredibly strong track written by Dave Murray. Once the song gets going the intro feels a bit tacked-on, but it works in the grand scheme of things. Fates Warning has the single best chorus on the album, neither repetitious nor simple, it’s an unexpected moment of fist-pumping greatness. There’s a killer guitar unison right before Janick’s solo, which is quite subdued and enjoyable.


Staff member
Murray is going for two on this album with a song that starts with that unmistakeable bluesy soloing. Very reminiscent of later songs like Ben Breeg and Man of Sorrows. This is another one I really enjoy. Love the way the guitars work with Bruce's vocals in the verses and Steve has that signature gallop going. Great chorus and I really dig the bridge. The held chords over Steve's bass gallop gives it a unique flavor. Awesome twin harmony toward the end.



Another song on this album which starts off nicely with some good atmosphere but then rapidly goes nowhere. Awful shouty chorus.


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
The opening is all right, and when the song gets going it remains all right. In fact, it feels like a 7. So I'm giving it a 6. Why? Because it's only all right. It's far from a memorable song, just one you get into while it's playing and then you can forget about its existence. Interestingly, it feels like a POM and SSOASS song combined together, which is interesting, but like I said, it's only all right. 6/10.

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Nice, spooky intro, featuring a nice little solo from Davey. Loses its way before the solos, but picks up quite fast. Not as good as the previous songs, but still very good. 7.
Very anonymous song, the parts are not that bad even if the chorus is a bit meh. But just doesn't stick, one of very few maiden songs I can actually struggle to remember if I haven't heard it in a while.


I think it has a nice energy. I really like the intro and the chorus, the lyrics aren't bad at all. Maybe it's not particularly memorable though.


The dotage of a dotard
A sweet moody intro kicks into an energetic main riff that drives through an epic verse, building up to a strong, but not quite great, chorus.

Another verse and chorus, and then the song breaks into a great bridge and solo, followed by a nice harmonized section and another strong solo before returning to the chorus one final time.

Bruce's vocals get overly growly at times, and the chorus could be accused of being a lesser variant of the chorus from "The Clairvoyant", but there's still a lot of great stuff here.

If the rough edges had been scraped away, this could have been something truly special. As it stands, it's still an 8/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A pointless retread of the "Deja Vu" opening turns into a pretty interesting rocker with some intriguing lyrics in the verses, discussing man's fate and those who survive and those who perish - and why? That's something that I've always been kinda... fascinated by. Maiden don't go too far with the subject and the chorus is pretty weak, for my taste, but it's got a nice bridge and cool solos here to push it up. I think it's growing on me, but I doubt it'll get too far. 5


Out of the Silent Planet
Another beautiful intro by Dave. The verses are great, but the chorus is a bit weak. The part before the solo is good too. The twin-lead guitar harmony that is after the first solo is essential Maiden - the best part in the song. Both solos are good. Underrated song. 8/10

I always thought that this song has a SSOASS vibe to it.

*The song would have sounded better if the album production was better (a song from the album that benefits from the production is ''The Assassin'').
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