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If we ever live in a post-scarcity world, capitalism will evaporate while democracy needn't, but we are obviously a long way from that.
Sure, I’d acknowledge in the abstract that if we ever manage to remove resource scarcity, new options may appear. But in the world of today, as far as I know, democracy has never been successfully decoupled from capitalism (though the converse has occurred).
Democracy has nothing to do with Capitalism. If there was a relation the workplace in Capitalism would be democratic which it isn't by any means.
Capitalism was better than the systems it replaced and somehow it happened organically. It helped the human society advance in many ways. Its major and obvious flaw is that human is not in the centre of it, profit is. Or capital if you like. Money since its birth has the interest and the debt inside it, thus the need for growth it's endless, which except inhuman is also unsustainable. It looks like a cancer really.
Thus in time, Capitalism will be replaced from something better that will serve human society's interests and progress.
More on Democracy with this powerful video. Dutch (or were they French) activists show no Mercy to Macron; see 1:07. Goosebumps. At 1:55 when audience starts to applaud I felt instantly proud for Europe.

Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the relationship between democracy and capitalism. It's an interesting perspective that highlights the flaws and limitations of the current system.
By the way, I recently came across a website called Politiq while browsing online. It's a platform where you can express your thoughts about upcoming elections and political events. It might be a cool place for you to engage in discussions and connect with like-minded individuals who share your interest in exploring alternatives to capitalism.
I'm new to this forum and excited to join the conversation. If you have any more insights or ideas to share, feel free to continue the discussion.
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