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'summer pary at owrk. Band too loud to talk, and playing crappy music. I tried to get people around me to join me in a little chant to make them reduce the volume, but I failed ...

"You're too fuckin' loud
You're too fuckin' loooooooud
Turn down the music
You're too fuckin loud"

After a while, most of us brought our drinks outside ...

I left eaerly to watch England v Uruguay and I don't like what I¨æm seeing.


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Just saw my buddies in Psychostick play here in Tucson. It was amazing fun. I am significantly drubl.

This is what I did tonight:

Also this



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Blah... Yestarday and toody at work... all walking round, nothing serious... .feel tyred and heff decided to drink it up.

Today while working / walking around (cause I need to bring files to court and so) have listened to Judas Priest, Dark Angel and KREATOR! Oh my God, is the Kreator one wonderful band!

(is it drubl? I cunt read too well rign now)


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Oh hey. 2 scotches and 5 beers later, I am home. Also, I just went to karaoke and sang Holy Diver with two of my female friends. I sang. They danced. I called them the "Insatiable Dragons" and they danced throughout the entire song, including a break into the Charleston during the guitar solo. Awesome night to be half drizzle.