Love in anger
I find that using a Melodam interferes with the music listening experience enough that it’s not even worth bothering anymore. I can’t hear anything when using one of those. I’d rather just take my chances or be musically celibate.


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Hi Maidenfans dot com

I drank 1.5 litres of wine tonight and some Johnny Walker Black. I am intoxicated.

Recently my phone reminded me I was in Berlin, just a year and twoish weeks ago. I was there with one of my best mates @Perun and one of my other best mates @Ariana and we explored the city and did many tourist things.

I saw the Bust of Nefertiti. despite it being her bust it was actually her face.

Berlin is great but spending time with Maidenfans is better. I hate Corona too.

I hate that Donald Trump is making corona worse because it means we can't travel.

2020 sucks. I almost wrote that as 202020 but that's a little ways away innit it

just going to leave you with this picture. also gmac is updated tomorrow bc I only got halfway through prepping the update before that bottle of wine got too empty