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@SixesAlltheway Do you know Textures? Not sure where to put them out here (progressive metal, metalcore, technical death metal and groove metal.)
Anyway, now I wanted to post this because of the drums. Stef Broks is so good. One of the best, to be honest. Check it out. @Lego thought you might like to watch this playing as well.

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100 Greatest Drummers of All Time

Everyone has their own favourite drummers. Any particular names you're missing?
Often, these types of lists tend to focus on the most famous musicians rather than greatest, but to read some of these descriptions is fun nonetheless.
I'm looking forward to a jazz drummer list, because now they only mentioned a few powerhouses of jazz, while there are more great ones (I was already wondering where Max Roach was):
One important caveat: we used rock and pop as our rubric, so a drummer's work needed to directly impact that world (as we define it, of course) to make the list. This meant leaving out dozens of essential jazz artists such as Max Roach and Roy Haynes, whose innovations inspired many of the players you'll read about below. That list is its own monument we hope to build someday soon. For now, let the arguments start. If you want to throw a cymbal at us, please do so in the comments section.


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@SixesAlltheway Danish drummers are the best! (together with some Dutch and Belgian ones :D )

Bastian Thusgaard:
"I have been a huge fan of The Arcane Order since their very first release “The Machinery Of Oblivion”. In my opinion one of the best playing bands out there.
Also drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen has always been one of my biggest influences (and continues to be) drumwise. I always wanted to practise on some of his drum parts but that is quite a lot to handle. Anyway I finally got the final push to do it after talking to guitarist Flemming Lund and this is the result.
Learning this song was lots of fun and I hope you will enjoy my video as much as I did making it."

Thusgaard is a student from Dirk Verbeuren who commented on the vid: "Simply perfect Bastian! You really killed it on this track. Congrats man!"

Verbeuren: "Another stunning job on this one Bastian! And man, congrats on playing with TAO! I really wish I could catch one of the shows. I know you're gonna rule!"

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Brain talking about how he totally adapted his style of drumming to fit Guns is actually quite interesting. It's clear that he didn't really fully understand or appreciate Rock drumming up until that point; and the whole experience taught him a lot, not just about drumming, but about producing & recording, etc. Of course he has some incredibly amusing anecdotes (about Bucket), which is why I was listening to him; but every time I hear him talk I find the drumming stuff really interesting too. Just because he's so honest about it I think.


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Happy Birthday to John Bonham, who would have been 68 today, born on May 31, 1948. This is an interview Bonzo did with his pal, Billy Connolly on the British variety show, "Alright Now" back in 1980, which starts out with a clip of Moby Dick from the film, "The Song Remains The Same."
Here's a bit of Back story: John was quite shy, believe it or not, and after his pal Billy had convinced him to come on he show, John wanted to back out at the last moment, during the taping of the episode. Billy talked Bonzo into hanging in there, and this interview is the result of the compromise.



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Some very old school drum cam recording all the way back from 1991. Sein Reinert performing with Death on the Human tour. Fucking legendary. and one of the best DM drummers of all time.

First 1:40 is intro ...

I believe that most of the set is actually on YouTube if you follow the links.
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There's not many things I can do as fast with one hand as he can do a snare role. Actually none. Well, maybe one. Some man for one man.