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I don’t see a problem with it. Part of the reason he left DT was supposedly that he wanted to try a lot of different things.

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Dream Theater are on the cover of Prog magazine this month and it looks like they're discussing 'Scenes From A Memory':


I'm not going to read the magazine, but surely the European tour dates will be announced next week. I need to know.


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Dream Theater 2020 European tour
Jan 11: Amsterdam AFAS Live, Netherlands
Jan 12: Oberhausen Turbinenhalle 1, Germany
Jan 14: Stockholm Cirkus, Sweden
Jan 15: Stockholm Cirkus, Sweden
Jan 17: Helsinki Icehall, Finland
Jan 18: Oulu Teatri Oulu, Finland
Jan 20: Trondheim Spektrum, Norway
Jan 21: Oslo Spektrum, Norway
Jan 23: Hamburg Sporthalle, Germany
Jan 24: Helsingor Kulturvaerftet Hal 14, Denmark
Jan 26: Paris Seine Musicale, France
Jan 27: Lyon Halle Tony Garnier, France
Jan 29: Barcelona St Jordi Club, Spain
Jan 31: Madrid Wizink Center, Spain
Feb 01: Porto Gondomar Pavilion, Portugal
Feb 02: Lisbon Campo Pequeno, Portugal
Feb 05: Ludwigsburgc MHP Arena, Germany
Feb 06: Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle, Germany
Feb 08: Budapest Arena, Hungary
Feb 09: Munich Zenith, Germany
Feb 11: Rome Palazzo dello Sport, Italy
Feb 12: Milan Mediolanum Forum, Italy
Feb 14: Zurich Samsung Hall, Switzerland
Feb 15: Prague Tipsport Arena, Czech Republic
Feb 16: Wroclaw Orbita Hall, Poland
Feb 18: Hannover Swizz Life, Germany
Feb 21: London Eventim Apollo, UK
Feb 23: Glasgow SEC Armadillo, UK

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Tickets for the London show went on sale an hour ago. I was ready to go and watching the countdown hoping to get a seat close to the front for whatever it cost, but the venue website had different ideas. When I got to look at the seating chart the only available downstairs tickets were at the back. I didn't want to spend much time looking at the different options in case everything sold out so I just settled for a medium price ticket at the back of the downstairs section which I'm sure will have a good view anyway. Ticketmaster and SeeTickets had absolutely nothing available despite having event pages and apparently the resale websites already have tickets. I reckon the lack of available seats may have been down to a venue presale that I was unaware of or the venue just drip-feeding the seats in batches. I wasn't prepared to risk missing out though so I've settled for what I could get. A somewhat unsatisfactory ticket purchasing experience, but at least I got one.


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DT started up the next US leg last night (I saw them in Houston months ago) and there's been a much wanted change. This has not been verified on YouTube or Blabbermouth yet but hopefully will be soon...

(Obviously a SPOILER if you click this)


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A few days ago a second show was announced for London, this time on the Saturday - the day after the first show. I was in the queue at 10am yesterday when the tickets went on sale and managed to get a better seat than I did for the Friday show. I almost got a seat in the front row but clicked a millisecond too late. The seat I ended up with is still pretty good though so I am a bit more satisfied with it than my seat for the Friday show. This means I have tickets for both shows and will probably try to sell the Friday ticket so let me know if you're interested.


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Show last night was same encore as night before so guess they really are finally playing THAT song so many have asked for on this tour


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