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Poison Godmachine
I love this song! I think it's a lot better than Untethered Angel, I didn't think that song is great.

The verses aren't very interesting, they sound quite typical, the chorus isn't "big" in the sense that it paces with the verses well and doesn't take all the spotlight, so far it's nice, but then a quiet part and it's very beautiful! And then a crazy keyboard solo, wow it's great! Another chorus, expected after a solo, some more crazy stuff cool drums and a chug to end, what a song!


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I thought the first 30 seconds were a bit sluggish and meh, but the rest was pretty good and made me want to listen again. Definitely much better than Untethered Angel and it now makes me far more interested in the new album


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Yeah this is way better than Untethered Angel. This song was like a Metallica song (especially the slow middle section) with DT lyrics. JP’s solo at the end was fucking awesome! This song actually makes me excited for the album now.


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It's pretty cool and went some unexpected places. I like the heaviness. I'm still really not crazy about JLB though. I dunno if my tastes have changed or if he's actually declined considerably since the last album but this is probably the worst he's sounded on record. His voice is super overprocessed too which doesn't help.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
I’m probably a good ten listens in on FITL. It’s an amazing song! It’s DT’s best single since On the Backs of Angels. I must admit I am confused about one thing. Why doesn’t this song open the album? This song screams opener to me, while Untethered Angel does not. Maybe it would help to hear the other songs surrounding to put everything into context but for now I’m stumped.

Also FITL should have been the first single. This song does what a lead single should do and makes me excited for the album. UA made me question wether or not DT should hang it up.


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Enjoy this, another incredibly awkward, needs-more-editing style interview video with Dream Theater! Listen for the audio boosting every time Myung speaks.



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I dreamed that Dream Theater had a new drummer and the first song they released from their new album was "Never Preach Park". It was very heavy and the music video had cars, flames and slow-motion Petrucci.


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Pretty cool interview, actually. Despite the usual awkwardness.

Confirmed in this interview:

- John Petrucci is a big sissy and would die in the jungle, even though he loves showing off his muscles.
- James LaBrie is a huge fantasy-reading nerd who does not like interviews.
- Mike Mangini is a giant child permanently waking up on Christmas morning.
- John Myung, if forced to speak, will gravitate towards the loudest part of the room so that he is still inaudible.
- Jordan Ruddess' real soul lives inside of a keyboard app and the part of him that speaks is just a meat sack puppet.
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