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That's a good start! The intro reminded me of 'On the Backs of Angels' from 'A Dramatic Turn of Events' ('Riding on the Backs of Untethered Angels'?) then Petrucci goes into a fucking monstrously heavy riff that @Saapanael will fucking love. Before the vocals started I was worried that James LaBrie would let the song down but he does a good job throughout. Rudess does some of his usual wacky keyboard stuff but doesn't go overboard as he often does, then Petrucci shreds the fuck out of the solo.

Welcome back, Dream Theater.


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Ooh, I’m excited. I just left home and won’t be back till the evening but I don’t want the first listen to be through earphones.


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Actually I recommend hearing on earbuds...but switch them (put the right one in your left ear, etc). Reason being, especially during the solos, majority of guitar is in the left channel and keyboards in the right. This is not the point of view we see DT live from. This is James' POV. So if you switch the earbuds, then you can hear the song from the audience's POV (with guitar in the right channel and keyboards in the left)
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Jaime is the Other James. Jaime is the James who shows up every other show or two and sings like a duck having its neck stepped on. Jaime is the guy who eats too much spicy food and ruins his voice for 15 years. At least, this is what James tells himself.

THE SONG: is good. The instrumental section is outstanding and I absolutely love the harmony. LaBrie's melodies aren't my favorite, but he sounds like LaBrie. The vocal parts during the early bridge part actually remind me of The Astonishing in tone and delivery. But at the end of the day: the drums sounds good, we can hear Myung, and Jordan's keyboard is just weird enough without sounding like space monkeys having an orgy. If the whole album is like this, I will be happy.


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I like it! Sounds like a 7 string guitar, don’t have access to an instrument right now to check though. It’s heavy enough and kinda has that classic DT sound. The guitar playing is so awesome. Petrucci’s solo melted my face. And that little harmony at the end of the instrumental is awesome. If this is indicative of the album, sign me up.

Hard to judge the mix based on an overcompressed YouTube stream so I won’t go there, but JLB sounds buried and overprocessed. His vocals don’t sound great. Not a good sign there, but if the music is good that won’t bother me too much.


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I really liked the middle section, that had a lot of elements of classic DT right there. I’ll need a few more listens to completely digest the song. I’m not completely sold yet.


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Does anyone know if Live At Luna Park audio was ever available as a digital download? I own the blu ray but would love to own the audio (especially of Bridges In the Sky)


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Just checked Spotify. They don't have it. Guess the cd (which is only in the 6 disc special edition) is the only official release of the audio