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I liked it! Not as catchy as Enemy Inside, but has better sound (apart from James' vocals, of course) and the instrumental stuff is awesome.

I am still somewhat afraid - DT12 was somewhat undercooked and some songs there were much shorter than they should be - seeing the length of both the album and the tracks this might be an issue again, but I'm trying to be hopeful.


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Finally getting around to learning the song (trying not to “cheat” with the video). It’s in C standard. Same as Nightmare to remember, honor thy father, and as I am.


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After a few listens...
The Enemy Inside > Gift of Music > Untethered Angel

I like the heaviness of the song, the C tuning is great, and I really like the middle section... But the rest of the song is just so unmemorable. A disappointing start so far.


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Got the new song on now, Labrie's vocals don't seem right because of the effects and I thought some of the song was either bland or typically cliche, but the start of the song was fairly good

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I thought the song was forgettable. Not a great first impression. Solo was good, unisons were boring. Mangini's drumming continues to be bland.


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I’m down for LTE. I bet it would be better than the new DT album.
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I agree. My jaw was wide open watching that solo.

My son is so jaded by watching too many videos of various shredders that when he saw the new DT video, during the solo all he had to say was "why does it show him cooking burgers?"
Fair observation. What a bizarre thing to show in a music video.


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Already knew the story behind the lyrics of ACOS but to hear it straight from Portnoy in this new video is different; makes things more real



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It's only a short segment from his unreleased song Zero Tolerance but I've always loved the tone Petrucci has here. The main lick is also characteristic of him, with just a bit of shred on top. A good little "Petrucci in a nutshell" in my opinion.



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The song still hasn't clicked for me yet. The middle is good but everything else about the song is so dull. It's like DT is on Ritalin or something .It's still kind of hard for me to be excited for this album.