Dream of Mirrors

How good is Dream of Mirrors on a scale of 1-10?

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Let's Get Volatile
A few years ago this was my favourite track from Brave New World and it was actually in my Top 10 for some time. Recently I've found that I don't hold it in such high regard anymore, now Ghost of the Navigator has taken its place as my favourite from the album.

I think the clean verses are brilliant, probably the best use of acoustic guitar in Janicks epics and I really like the way that we get a clean version of the pre chorus before the heavier take later on. It's in the heavier section that I think the song loses its way, it does drag a little and I find the fast "I only dream in black and white" a bit awkward. Great harmonies though, and another great solo from Janick. A nice return to the acoustic section and then we're finished.

What once was a ten is now a respectable eight.


Ancient Mariner
Heard it again today after quite some time. I think that the most annoying thing has to be the drumming after all. Cool melodies though.


What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too
Instrumental section is one of their best. Chorus as well. But the verses are not, which is the reason Dream of mirrors only gets 9/10

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
"Dream of Mirrors" is really strong. Starting heavy before going soft and then building itself back up before exploding into one of Maiden's best choruses ever, it really doesn't let up. Even the faster change-up is good, and my only real complaint is that afterwords the final chorus isn't as good as the first two rounds of it. Still, a really great song. 9


Out of the Silent Planet
Great opening to the song. The melody with the acoustic guitar is fantastic. The verses are great, but the chorus is better. The highlight of the song is definitely the fast part in the middle with great drumming, melodies, triple-lead guitar harmony and the ''oh-oh'' part. The solo from Janick is good too. Live, the song is better.... ''The dream is true''.... 10/10


Educated Fool
According to Dickinson, it is one of Harris's songs
whose lyrics were inspired by his nightmares. According to him
Harris, the lyrics are about the dark side of reality.
In the 1950s, some researchers were led astray
conclusion that man perceives dreams as black and white and not
colored. UC Riverside University Professor of Philosophy, Eric
Schwitzgebel (born 1968, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1997), explained the
this phenomenon emphasizing that the references to black and white dreams were
influenced by the black and white images of television receivers of the time.