Dream Bruce Dickinson setlist

If things went down differently and Bruce actually did a couple of solo gigs somewhere between TOS release and today, I doubt he'd rehearsed that many "new" songs with the (whatever line-up that might be) band. There are certain favourites that would undoubtedly be played and since it wouldn't be a proper TOS tour anyway, I'd believe he would have stick with two or three album highlights. :)

Power Of The Sun and especially Abduction are definitely album highlights. ;)
Power Of The Sun and especially Abduction are definitely album highlights. ;)

Power of the Sun is indeed a brilliant song - I wish Maiden had that kind of choruses around more often - and Abduction isn't bad either, but with a limited space I'd go with Kill Devil Hill and Navigate the Seas of the Sun. :p
  1. Trumpets Of Jericho
  2. King In Crimson
  3. The Magician
  4. Gods Of War
  5. Omega
  6. Book Of Thel
  7. Chemical Wedding
  8. Gates Of Urizen
  9. The Tower
  10. Navigate The Seas Of The Sun/ Born In 58
  11. Freak
  12. River Of No Return/ Kill Devil Hill
  13. Son Of A Gun/ Shoot All The Clowns
  14. Road To Hell
  15. Machine Men/ Cyclops
  16. Tears Of A Dragon
  1. Abduction
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Dark Side Of Aquarius
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Not a dream setlist but rather a redux live album vision for an expanded and more monumental triple record taking the place of Scream for Me Brazil.

Chemical Weddings Live

Side I

  1. Trumpets of Jericho
  2. King in Crimson
  3. Chemical Wedding
  4. Starchildren
  5. The Magician
Side II
  1. Killing Floor
  2. Gates of Urizen
  3. Book of Thel
  4. Laughing in the Hiding Bush
Side III
  1. Accident of Birth
  2. Back From the Edge
  3. Taking the Queen
  4. Darkside of Aquarius
Side IV
  1. Powerslave
  2. Man of Sorrows
  3. Tattooed Millionaire
  4. The Prisoner
Side V
  1. The Tower
  2. 2 Minutes to Midnight
  3. Jerusalem
Side VI
  1. Run to the Hills
  2. Road to Hell
  3. Tears of the Dragon
  4. Flight of Icarus
Whether assembled from various concerts or one special extended performance, I don’t know; this is alternate history regardless. But I think it would have been a pretty stellar epic release from Bruce, as a triple vinyl / double album. It starts with the trio of songs SFMB opens with, but then takes a pause from the TCW tracks to spotlight a couple of AOB’s jams. By the time we get to “Gates of Urizen” it’s been nothing but banger after banger and the quieter dynamics offer some breathing room before things continue.

The main focus of the performance is the new Bruce Dickinson band, with 8 TCW and 7 AOB songs represented. Tattooed Millionaire and Skunkworks each get one song; I’d love to have more but that would mess with the vibe (and they both have live records themselves based around the video shows released IRL in this fantasy). Balls to Picasso slips in with both songs from the original SFMB album. Meanwhile Bruce also lays down five classic Maiden tracks, throwing the gauntlet down at his former band. And “Tears of the Dragon” has been moved to the back end to be a moving penultimate song.
Kudos for including this, it’s a killer live track.
Agreed, that’s why I had it in there so early. Tried to get all or at least the majority of songs they actually played on those two tours so it feels realistic as a setlist.
If Bruce did an all Maiden song tour along with Adrian:
  1. Moonchild
  2. Two Minutes To Midnight
  3. Sea Of Madness
  4. Revelations
  5. Flash Of The Blade
  6. Powerslave
  7. Back In The Village
  8. The Writing On The Wall
  9. Stranger In A Strange Land
  10. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
  11. Empire Of The Clouds
  1. If Eternity Should Fail
  2. Flight Of Icarus
  3. Wasted Years