Dream Bruce Dickinson setlist

If I had to do a setlist for TOS album tour, something like this would have been great:

Tyranny Of Souls World Tour

Intro: Mars Within

2.Kill Devil Hill
3.The Tower
4.Accident Of Birth
5.Laughing In The Hiding Bush
6.Power Of The Sun
7.Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
8.Tattooed Millionaire
9.River Of No Return
10.Chemical Wedding
11.Born In '58*
12.A Tyranny Of Souls
Tears Of The Dragon
Encore 2:
Road To Hell
15.Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter (Iron Maiden cover)

* rotate with Broken/Silver Wings
songs played occasionally during the tour: Gates Of Urizen and Darkside Of Aquarius

PS: I was inspired by @Diesel 11 setlist for this album tour. :)
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I'll join in on the Tyranny of Souls fun.

1. Abduction
2. Power of the Sun
3. King in Crimson
4. The Chemical Wedding
5. Soul Intruders
6. Kill Devil Hill
7. Laughing in the Hiding Bush
8. The Magician
9. River of No Return
10. Devil on a Hog
11. Navigate the Seas of the Sun
12. The Tower
13. Tears of the Dragon
14. Tyranny of Souls
15. Accident of Birth
16. Darkside of Aquarius
17. Road to Hell

The Magician is the odd song in here. Heard it on my local metal radio station the other day, the people on air even commented that it was a really cool song.
I think it's great. It would be great for an encore. I wouldn't even be upset if Maiden played it. It's a better option than Running Free or Sanctuary IMO.
Sink it slow, Seaman Staines. Sink it deep.
Small club, aprox. 500 people, Skunkworks in full, from Space Race to Innerspace.
After that, they bring a couple of bar stool on stage and do acoustic version of "slower" songs (Tears of a Dragon, Born in '58, Jerusalem, Navigate the Seas of Sun etc.).
I would pay big bucks to see this. Big bucks.
These things are really, really bad guilty pleasure of mine...

Just an optimistic outline of what kind of set one could expect Bruce to do if he ever did any kind of solo tour again. Obviously, it doesn't look like he'll do, but if he did, in the alternative universe, it might have turned out (or it will turn out... ;D) into something like... this?

Intro: Toltect 7 Arrival
1. Starchildren
2. Accident of Birth
3. Kill Devil Hill
4. Inertia
5. Navigate the Seas of the Sun
6. The Chemical Wedding
7. The Magician
8. Jerusalem
9. Innerspace / The Tower / Acoustic: Revelations / O God of Earth and Altar (hymn version with slight changes)
10. Tyranny of Souls / The Book of Thel / Gods of War / something
11. Tears of a Dragon
12. Darkside of Aquarius
13. Laughing in the Hiding Bush

14. Sacred Cowboys :halo: / Road to Hell
15. Born in '58
16. Delilah
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Then you should also add Abduction, which is mandatory + Power Of The Sun, River Of No Return/Soul Intruders. :p

If things went down differently and Bruce actually did a couple of solo gigs somewhere between TOS release and today, I doubt he'd rehearsed that many "new" songs with the (whatever line-up that might be) band. There are certain favourites that would undoubtedly be played and since it wouldn't be a proper TOS tour anyway, I'd believe he would have stick with two or three album highlights. :)