Death Or Glory

How good is Death or Glory on a scale of 1-10?

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I didn't really enjoy this song at first but now I really love it. This really shows Maiden's ability to write short rockers that stand up with their best songs. Really has that Smith/Dickinson level of quality that is all over their 80s stuff. The lyrics are a ton of fun too. When I saw the title I was expecting something similar to Judas Priest, this is way better.

The instrumental section is a real highlight, especially the slide guitar solo. Has a similar atmosphere to Dave's in Where Eagles Dare (one of my favorites). One of the best solos on the album by far.

I think my main problem with the song is that the energy isn't quite there. The tempo seems to drag a bit for me (probably the only time I'll ever say that about a Maiden song). It almost sounds a little tired.

Now that we don't have to worry about spoilers, I can add this: my criticism on the energy is on the album only. This one really comes to life live.

Agreed with Mckindog. This is the closest thing the band has written to an 80's classic since the 80's. Wish I could hear 1983 Maiden do this, with a younger Bruce and Martin Birch production.
Im going to give it a 5. I cant even remember how it goes since I never listen to disc 2 aside from Empire.

Death or Glory is a really good Clash song.
I'm excited to see how far they will take the monkey thing next year. Hope they all dress up as monkeys, or there's a giant monkey Eddie. Maybe banana shaped guitars for all, or banana costumes. Hopefully all of that.
This is the closest thing the band has written to an 80's classic since the 80's. Wish I could hear 1983 Maiden do this, with a younger Bruce and Martin Birch production.

It's Aces High but more readily singable for Older Bruce. ;)
With the possible exception of Speed of Light

A very good call...and both songs being from the latest album shows how great the boys are playing these days. A highlight of The Book Of Souls is the quality of the soloing...and the sheer number of solos.

I love it when one solo immediately follows on from another and this happens in 8 of the 11 songs on the album, which could be the highest ratio of "flowing solos" to songs of any release in their catalogue.
It's pretty darn good. Climb like a monkey is silly but the band owns it. 7/10.

The riff puts me in mind of what it would feel like to try to control a Fokker Triplane. Heavy and hard as fuck.
Adrian did really well with the shorter songs on this album, this one is a lot of fun and the pre-chorus is really memorable. The chorus is heavy as fuck. And the solos are great yet again. 8/10.
Did we really need another song on this general subject :D
It's fun and the repeated riff is really cool though. It does feel very retro..but If I'm in the mood for something like this I'm going to put Aces High on...

Fun rocker, not as great as Speed Of Light or other similar tracks, but still enjoyable and high energy. And I mean, who doesn't enjoy a slide solo?


Disc 2 kicks off with a bang as the band revs up for Death or Glory, a Smith/Dickinson barnburner about aerial warfare. It’s another arena-ready live tune that I’m sure will be a staple at many a future gig. The “climb like a monkey” line sounds a bit silly, but it’s an actual quote from the subject of the song - WW1 German fighter pilot The Red Baron. Death or Glory is a swinging, driving tune with a catchy riff, a solid sing-a-long chorus, and a blistering solo duel. It kicks off the second set of tunes rather nicely.
Overall, this song is fairly good. If it was a little faster and more up-beat it'd work a little better, but otherwise it's good. A strong 7/10.
I like the main rhythm of the guitars and drums, very Running Free-esque. It's a decent rocker though I don't think it's as memorable as Speed of Light on the first disc. The melodies sound a little underwhelming and it's not as "singable" for me. Still, not a bad tune by any means. 7.25/10
This song is really fun to listen to once in a while, but I don't enjoy it as much as I think I should. It just doesn't click for me, I'm not quite sure why, but I find it to be one of Maiden's weakest. It's way too happy-sounding for what the lyrics are talking about, which make it sound less like an actual song and more like a joke (a good one, at least). The chorus is the highlight here, being extremely catchy and very memorable. A 6.
It’s not bad by any means, but it’s undeniably very cheesy, and the live performances definitely haven’t helped with that. 6/10
A driving intro breaks into a nice rock groove. The verse is catchy and leads into a great, bright pre-chorus. The chorus is pretty good, but not great.

Another round of verse through chorus leads into an OK interlude, a nice first solo, and a great second one. Another round of pre-chorus and chorus, and things wrap up on a quick percussive note.

Bruce strains a lot on the verse, and occasionally on the other parts. On the whole I think this still clings onto a 7/10.