Death Or Glory

How good is Death or Glory on a scale of 1-10?

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I think this song is really hurt by the production/mixing. The main riff sounds weak and the guitar tone is messy, especially right before the solos.
Also, it suffers from having a pre-chorus much catchier than the chorus itself. After SOL, this is my least favorite on TBOS.
Great song! Clearly about the final battles of Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron.

Love the sound of the guitars on this track, heavy as fuck, a little scrambled - just like a WW1 fighter mêlée.
I like this song a lot, only thing is the "Death Or Glory" repetition gets a little bit boring after awhile. I think this song would be better if it was a bit shorter.
Only listen to this song once, but it's promising. Will end up a 7 to 9/10 in my book I think.
I just had a thought ... would you really want to fly with a pilot known to cry out "Death or Glory"? Sounds a little dangerous to me.

@Brigantium, @Forostar, wasn't anyone on the flight alarmed about being flown around by a guy obsessed with air disasters? :D

Screeeeam for me, PASSENGERS!

At least they would be murdered in an Epic way...or maybe spectacular is the better world, the end would be pretty sudden not Epic....
I was soo looking forward to this song... a WW1 dogfight song is just soo awesome! Don't get me wrong, it's a good song. But everytime I hear "Climb... like a MONKEY..." I can't help but cringe. It just sounds soo silly.
Meaning the bridge is a nearly verbatim quote from the greatest scout pilot of them all.
This is a really good song....maybe let down by the chorus repetition towards the end. However I really did the vocals, the guitars and the solos. Reminds me of The New Frontier for some reason.
No, but he had a firm landing. "Another Bruce classic!", in the words of a crew member.

Maybe he wants to fly for KLM? They've had hard landings every single time I've flown with them.

Cool song, although the "like a monkey" line does feel a bit silly (even great fighter pilots can say silly things, it seems). Will be surprised if it's not played live.