Death Of The Celts


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There was a substantial Romanized British elite which had embraced Christianity, probably in some part for political reasons, by the time the Romans left around 400. It's hard to know how deep those roots went though.
yeah i think their is more evidence for the Picts being Christian than being Pagan


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At what point in time did the Celtic tribes in what is currently known as Britain embraced monotheism?

St. Patrick was mid 5th century, and he was one of the Romanized Britons that @Boroking is referring to. So Fifth and Sixth century would be the time the Irish converted, plus they then spread Christainity in Scotland and Northern England through monasteries such as Iona.


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Therefore, it would depend on whether the Celts Steve was thinking of are fighting against the Romans or other enemies much later in time. Can we still consider them to be Celts after being Romanised though?

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I think the notion of 'The Celts' is quite vague. It's more a cultural tag then an ethnic one and culture isn't static. Perhaps those in the more settled south and east were more Roman Britons and less obviously celtic whilst those further to the north and west would have retained more classical 'Celtic' traditions and customs. Certainly those in the South were much less capable of protecting themselves thanks to their Romanisation, which led to Vortigern making one history's great mistakes and 'inviting' Hengist and Horsa and their unruly Anglo-Saxons to come and protect them.


We should also take a look at the following passage:
"Praying that the rose is still awake".

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Death of the Celts - 9.5/10 - I know everyone is comparing this to The Clansman, and I kind of get why. I also wonder if it was called anything else if it would still get those comparisons as much? This one to me sounds more Scottish somehow, those melodies remind me of bagpipes and the midsection has some really cool bass runs. I didn't care for this song at all at first but it's the one that has grown on me the most. My only nitpick is why are there like 4 different intro sections? They are cool, but did we really need 4 of them? Probably not. Don't care as the song makes me want to put on a kilt and jig around my apartment like an idiot.