In Figure 2, the binary acetone-chloroform phase diagram shows a maximum boiling point azeotrope which indicates that the mixture is non-ideal and deviates negatively from Raoult’s Law. As previously observed in Table 4, any mole fraction of chloroform less than 0.659 in the mixture will have its vapour richer in acetone and any mole fraction of chloroform greater than 0.659 will have its vapour richer in chloroform. A chloroform mole fraction of approximately 0.659 is the azeotrope composition, where the liquid and vapour will have the same composition resulting in a constant maximum boiling point of approximately 336.95K. Comparing the experimental phase diagram in Figure 2 to an acetone-chloroform phase diagram found in literature, it has been shown previously [6] that this mixture has a reference azeotropic composition of 65.91% chloroform by mole, with a maximum boiling point of 337.6K. Thus, the experimental results are in high accordance with literature values. However, the slight discrepancy found may be due to different pressures the experiments were carried out, since boiling point varies directly with pressure. This experiment was carried out at a pressure of 0.991 atm whereas the literature experiment was carried out at a pressure of 1.000 atm. This accounts for the slightly lower maximum boiling point observed.

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