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X11 cut/paste works a bit different;

Asserting ownership of a selection doesn't actually transfer data. When you want to copy text from application A to application B, it goes like this:

Copy text in program A: program A asserts selection ownership.
Paste text in program B: program B notes that program A owns the selection.
program B asks A for the text.
program A responds, and sends the text to program B.
program B pastes the response.

...since the original selection is still only in program A's process memory domain and program B just has a reference via X11 protocols there, the selection is lost if you dump program A.
However, symptom of losing buffer data if original program is deactivated doesn't happen to Windows or OSX because of their integrated clipboard managers. A program C stands between A and B in the example and has a permanent copy of all selections from program A. Since X11 is low-level graphics server, it doesn't feature (and doesn't need) clipboard manager.

Now when we're done with theory, here's a nice clipboard manager for Ubuntu :

http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/parcelli ... r-092.html



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