Pretty simple: Reply with whatever appears when you press CTRL + V

In other words, your reply should be whatever you last cut/copied.

No cheating :p

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and disregards main forma of the TEMPLATE (title, authors, headings, etc) formate. Refereces citation in the text and presentations should be reviewed.

This was from an email I sent to a conference article reviewer to ask him to be a bit more consise as to what should be improved in the paper I'm revising just now  :D
metallica cyanide mt. zion

This is about the writing on the page with that song's lyrics on the DM booklet. I always thought it was weird.

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Digression: When writing scientific papers - turn all kinds of auto-correction tools off! There are so many words they don't recognize. Judging from the suggestions the normal spelling control gives, the text would be totally incomprehensible if those corrections were done automatically.


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Yep, above is just that. I've only just switched my laptop on, mind.

That said, this thread is quite interesting actually, I will partake at some point. :)

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Rocka Rolla - none
Sad Wings Of Destiny - Victim Of Changes, The Ripper
Sin After Sin - Diamonds & Rust (acoustic)
Stained Class - Exciter, Beyond The Realms Of Death
Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather - Hell Bent For Leather, Before The Dawn
British Steel - Breaking The Law, Living After Midnight
Point Of Entry - Heading Out To The Highway
Screaming For Vengeance - The Hellion/Electric Eye, You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Defenders Of The Faith - Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Turbo - Turbo Lover
Ram It Down - Blood Red Skies
Painkiller - Painkiller, Leather Rebel, Metal Meltdown
Jugulator - none (love the album, but only Ripper should sing songs from it)
Demolition - none (love the album, but only Ripper should sing songs from it)
Angel Of Retribution - Hellrider, Lochness
Nostradamus - Persecution, Nostradamus, Future Of Mankind

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I just turned on my computer too. I'll come back during the day though, and we'll see ;)


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I saw that Metallica ripped off Rush in Welcome Home, and read in Wiki that they also ripped off another band, and this is the song the ripped them off from.


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I am. However, I was pressing cmd-v. Btw:

Welcome to the Daily Vote Thread! Rules are here.

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Today's song: Fortunes of War

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צריך מייל שלישי! סעמק.

Translation: Need a third email! Godammit.

Unrelated: There's an Israeli PS store now BTW.


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EDIT: It may be paranoid, but I shouldn't get any passage from my thesis out as there are apparently plagiarism watchdogs out there.