Como Estais Amigos

How good is Como Estais Amigos on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: Como Estais Amigos

8. Very good, emotional, instrumental section brings a tear in my eye. However a tad bit too short and simple for a higher grade.
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7/10, a good song but not as good as others from the album.
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This is one song where, again, I think Blaze sounds better on it than Bruce would. I feel like if they gave this to Bruce to sing now, he'd lapse into a raspy voice, and I'm not sure the low tones used on WTWWB would fit. Regardless, fantastic, emotional, beautiful track.
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A damn fine song, a bit different from other war-related Maiden songs. This one deals with the desire for reconciliation with the enemy, and it also addresses a concrete conflict - the Falklands war (at least that is an obvious guess, why else would an English band begin their song with a Spanish sentence?). Considering the situation between Argentina and England still wasn't the best in 1998, writing a song like this was a nice gesture from Maiden to their Latin American fans.

The song itself is moving, I pretty much share Jeff's sentiments on it. However,as mentioned by Zare - a bit too short and simple for top grades. A strong 8 from me.
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I really like this song and the message behind it - the gesture of friendship to Argentina. Our football rivalry (that also now exists, to a lesser degree, in rugby) shall remain as passionate, but I do think that the relationship is not as strained as it was. 9/10.

For me, this album is a better overall album than The X Factor and that should be reflected in my average score.
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I am not that impressed by this song. I like the solo and the part with vocals the best, but it's by far not as exciting (or impressive) as the ones I gave an 8 or 9.

Jupz said:
7/10, a good song but not as good as others from the album.

A 7 it is.
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6/10  I like the melodies and especially the harmony guitar parts.  Blaze is out of key during so much of this song that I find it distracting.  Would love to hear this with Bruce.
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Oh my god, this song, oh my god.

It's great from the start, and then comes the interlude.
It's absolutly incredible. I honestly don't get how can this song not be an all time classic with every Maiden fan, it's just that good. The solo is amazing as well.
I love this song. It's a bit short, and I'm not loving the lyrics too much, but the music is amazing. 9/10.

Oh yeah, I have a way of playing the interlude which sounds fucking amazing.
If I'll ever be in a band and make millions of dollars, I would cover it the way I play it.
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mckindog said:
majestic and dignified in a melancholy way.

That's a good description of this track; I find the emotion in the song moving and it provides a decent end to the album. 7/10
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I think next year we'll have to do a Maidenfans March Madness. Actually, I could do one now...
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5 out of 10... Yeah I know I sound like a broken fucking record. Bear with me. It's the last bit of negativity you'll be hearing from ol' Taker. OK, here's my question. Is Blaze Bayley tone deaf? Now, I am far away from having perfect pitch, and years of inhaling different types of smoke into my lungs has resulted in a bit of a rasp, but when I'm singin' along with Maiden in the shower and the car, I swear I could top him. This is a beautiful piece of music that for me, is made something much less by having to listen to him sing over top of it.

Forward, onward to much better things...
Not sure what you mean. He does sing off key sometimes at concert, and i'm not talking about Bruce songs. He butchered a fair amount of TXF and VXI songs live, also. Blaze wasn't good live, and he wasn't much of a frontman either. Guy that just runs around, lifts arms and screams "come on", just won't fit in Bruce's shoes.

But i never had any problems with his voice on studio tracks. He does have a great voice and i enjoy his singing.
I think there are minor moments when he sometimes sounds off key on record as well, and this song is no exception.
Very poignant song, tells you everything you need to know about war. It doesn't stand out as much from the Maiden catalogue as I'd wish it to, though... 8/10.
I'll have a differing opinioin on this lyrically.  Musically it fits the meaning of the song. 

But the lyrics seem a bit over dramatic to me.  I rememeber the Falklands War clearly, it was covered extensively in the US, we heard Thatcher on the TV and nightly there was the map of where the British Fleet was and how far it had to go.  I watched this intently.  Much later I wondered if Maiden would bring out the flag during the Trooper (an odd thought, but the first one I had when seeing a Maiden Tour date in Argentina.

However, the Falkland War to me is more of a mix between Grenada and the no fly zone over Libya.  Perhaps it has more meaning for the Argentinians and British, in any case it is a nice gesture, but in the grand scale of 20th Century warfare, the Falklands War does not seem like it needs a great "let's all get along song" 

I give the song a 6.