Can someone please tell me what's with that DINOSAUR


Haven't posted here for a long while, but trust me--I've been lurking. I do have to raise the question though. It hasn't really been discussed so far (I had a search done priorly). Which is kind of surprising to me--am I missing something here? I mean, I never proclaimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed but this just passes right through me!

The only logical association I've had is that Maiden is one of the few talented metal gods that have truly broke through the old-dudes-in-metal glass ceiling and avoided becoming a dinosaur, unlike for example, Metallica or Priest (my personal opinion of course, but I digress.)

So having Eddie slay an out-of-place T-Rex might be a symbolism of that? Obviously the setting for this scene is Book of Souls inspired, while the M16 presumably references AMoLaD?

Sigh. My brain farts a lot. I ate Thai last night. I absolutely love the song and its music video. Also pre-ordered the LP. But this scene just seems a bit out of place. Would you agree?
Eddie riding T-Rex that shoot lasers from his eyes while Bruce is singing about slaying dragons and with H levitating in background. And some dinos blowing up here and there.
H riding a T-Rex riding a dragon with all 3 shooting lasers from their eyes while Bruce is singing about slaying T-Rexes riding dragons, all happening on a stage that H is levitating... on Mars.
And Nicko is playing drums on sculls of dragons while flying on pterodactyl which hold Dave in his claws. Dave is smiling while blowing living hell out of army of zombies with his guitar solos.

We should send them that, it's ready-to-go script for their next video.
This is all starting to sound like Disaster Area, the loudest band in the universe, as featured in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. They're so loud they control their instruments from space, and the audience listen from several miles away, in a concrete bunker. Highlight of the show is a spaceship crashing into the sun, producing a catastrophic solar flare. That's Maiden, that is.

Anyway, in answer to the OP, QFF mentions a time when dinosaurs walked the Earth, so that's the best reference we've come up with to date. :)
Do you remember any other song by Maiden with dinosaurs? I was doing some research if this is some kind of reference - it's QFF.
Nope, no other song has ever mentioned it. I almost wonder if pilau is right. It's an odd toss in to link to what is now mostly an obscure song.
Seems pretty far fetched.
I wish they would have thrown in the twin towers somewhere there, for people to proclaim "See, I told you Iron Maiden was satanic illuminati!".