1. IronCarnage

    Can't Find the full version of this 1993 unused album cover.

    Been trying to track this down for a long time. I've found some examples.
  2. Metalliville

    Review of the Barclays Center Show on Metalliville Zine!

    Check out the Review of Iron Maiden Live at Barclays Center, New York on July 21st, 2017 that is now on www.metallivillezine.com - Direct link is https://www.metallivillezine.com/iron-maiden-new-york-2017
  3. MrKnickerbocker

    Iron Maiden comic book series

    Looks like we'll be getting a Legacy of the Beast-inspired comic series next month: http://nerdist.com/throw-up-some-horns-for-heavy-metals-new-iron-maiden-comic-book/ Preview pages:
  4. LooseCannon

    Best Eddie

    You know, I've always wondered...what's the best Eddie? Lots of people have very strong opinions on the subject. Similarly, what's the worst Eddie? My favourite Eddie is the Aces High cover, followed by Powerslave cover - man, that scene is majestic. But lots of people prefer many other covers...
  5. pilau

    Can someone please tell me what's with that DINOSAUR

    Haven't posted here for a long while, but trust me--I've been lurking. I do have to raise the question though. It hasn't really been discussed so far (I had a search done priorly). Which is kind of surprising to me--am I missing something here? I mean, I never proclaimed to be the sharpest tool...