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Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by chaosapiant, Sep 7, 2018.

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    There was a second edition written by the drummer (just like the first) that came out after the band split. I only have the first edition.
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    Haven't read the Blaze book, but hopefully it isn't as self pitying as Blood and Belief lyrics.

    I like Blaze in Maiden, and SM and TD are great albums, and the next 3 are good too, but I think any Maiden fan is entitled to an opinion on Blaze.
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    The synopsis of the book, at least the Amazon one, seems to suggest it covers the period up to Promise and Terror, but not the acrimonius break-up. :)
  6. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    We have to be more precise here. Let's see:

    So the first edition of the book is about events until June 2009: It excludes the Promise and Terror album. The line up at the time was:
    • Blaze Bayley – vocals
    • Jay Walsh – guitars
    • Nicolas Bermudez – guitars
    • David Bermudez – bass
    • Lawrence Paterson – drums

    In February 2010 Promise and Terror came out.
    In April 2010 Paterson, the drummer and author of the book left the band.

    Revised (or 2nd) edition is about events until June 2010. Basically, it covers a lot to know what went (wr)on(g). And the leaving of that member can be seen as the breaking up of that band, or definitely the start of it. The other guys left 9 months later without recording a new album.

    Would you really need these 9 months in the book in order to buy it? A lot of stuff went on before that. Also the story of Blaze in Maiden is very insightful and interesting (at least as much as his solo career imo).

    Just read this and you'll have the 9 months:

    Following the departure of Lawrence Paterson the Blaze Bayley Band engaged Italian drummer Claudio Tirincanti to continue the Promise and Terror tour. On 10 July 2010 Blaze Blayley claimed live on stage that his current album was his best-selling as a solo-artist shedding some light on the recent changes in his line-up and management.

    The BBB embarked on a short European tour in early 2011 and were supposed to follow that up in May 2011 with more dates in the UK. But surprisingly, on 29 March via his official channels, Blaze Bayley stated that he had to part ways with the band due to both health and financial reasons. Later emerged that a great problem has been the fact that the Bermudez brothers were frequently due to be bought flights back home to Colombia to renew their visas. The matter was heavy not only from the financial and bureaucratical point of view, but also musically: the BBB had often to find last minute substitutes, in the likes of Luke and Chris Appleton from the band Fury Uk or Dave Andrews that later will enter in the live band of the singer.
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    Yes, I am aware of the sanitised version, but the other band members had a completely different take on the situation judging from their reaction when they were kicked out of the band. ;)

    Either way, reading about Blaze, albeit interesting, is not high in my list of priorities. Thanks for the purchasing suggestion though.
  8. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    The 2nd edition was written by someone who had left the band shortly before. Not sure if the stuff about the last year (June 2009 - June 2010) is Blaze's own view.
    You're welcome. I think that people who are interested in the history of Iron Maiden (again: it is not only about Blaze) and who are aware of this book (an excellent basis for obtaining it) need a real good excuse to ignore it, so I did my best to counter "attack" not very good excuses.
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  9. Any reason why some of it can't simply be discussed here? I have hundreds of things I want (& actually need) to read before a Blaze bio.
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  10. GhostofCain

    GhostofCain Ancient Mariner

    Stuborness? Willingness to promote Blaze's book? :lol:

    Joking aside, I seem to remember that it contains a bit about Nicko playing some tapes of Blaze live with Maiden to Steve to support Nicko's claims that Blaze was terrible. At least that is something that was discussed over in the official forum shortly after the book was published. There were some comments about the self-pitying nature of parts of the book too, but I do not know if that is indeed the case as I have yet to read it.

    I might browse my local Waterstones next week to see if they have a copy (there is no way I am going to spend my hard-earned cash buying stuff off those tax-dodgers that are Amazon). :)
  11. Would be quite surprised if you found this in Waterstones. Is that likely? Thought it would be a self-published POD effort.
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  13. Wtf?! I have zero intentional of ever buying this book, Foro. Please stop with the Blaze promotion! :p

    EDIT: Wait, is this not even written by Blaze?! o_O
  14. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Cool down please.
  15. Out of interest: who's the guy who wrote it?
  16. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Lawrence Paterson, who was the drummer in Blaze's band from November 2007 til April 2010.
    His other "heavy metal" interest:

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    Yeah though so too.
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    Here's my take on the issue:

    I've heard clips of Blaze doing a good or at least OK job on most Bruce era songs. His problem was consistency. Being forced to sing out of one's natural register night after night is hell on the vocal chords, and the X-Factour and VXI tour had a very busy schedule. Add into that the hotels, the airplanes, the buses, the changes in temperature and humidity, the air conditioning everywhere. It's a miracle the man is still talking today.

    I'm pretty sure even Steve wouldn't had hired Blaze if he sounded the way he did on some shows during the audition. They taped the guy and listened to him. All I'm saying is that it's possible to "stretch and fake" your range and still sound powerful on one occasion. To do that for dozens of shows in a row...well, that's a different thing and you're probably gonna have issues. Which they did.
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    Steve also said at the time that people can be great singers and then it might be a different story when they get out on stage in front of 50,000*. He said that regarding ignoring demo tapes sent in from hopeful punters, but I think it applies to Blaze too. Wolfesbane would not have played to the crowds that Maiden did regularly, and there was also a negative reaction from some Maiden fans. At the gig I saw on the X Factor I remember some jokey chants of "bring back Paul Di'Anno", stuff like that has to have affected him.

    *Maiden were playing in a lot smaller venues generally but in South America there was those sort of figures.

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