Blaze Bayley

The only song I'd hear from Maiden over a Blaze track would be
Sign of the Cross.  Otherwise, I'd rather hear some songs he doesn't play often enough IMO like Tenth Dimension, Silicon Messiah, Blood and Belief, Will to Win, Regret, etc.
He did play Silicon Messiah. :)  I haven't heard Blood & Belief before though, it might be there are tracks I'd like more than the Maiden ones.  But it's just a matter of taste mostly; as good as Bruce and Blaze are with their solo careers, I still like Maiden in general more. :)

As for Sign of the Cross, that's something I wouldn't like Blaze to play.  It's got relatively little singing and about 6 minutes of instrumental, so I would rather see Maiden originally play it.

Edit: Here's a video of the Clansman from the gig, pretty good quality and you can see Blaze well.  Like I said, he's got almost as much energy as Bruce at the best of times.  Damn, I would sell my soul to see Bruce in a club gig.
Well, I have no trouble with the instrumental part of Sign of the Cross, especially when executed so amazingly as on Rock in Rio :) I hope I will see it live some day because this is my Maiden favourite :)
New Blaze Bayley song performed live on Greek television!

New song performed live on Greek television!

Blaze - Watching the Night Sky

Wow what a chorus, and he does those high vocals pretty well. *headbangs*

Watching the Night Skyyyyyyeeeeee! Yeah!
Just listened to it! Blaze sounds better than ever, I think his voice really fits this more straight-forward metal (awesome chorus!)
The song is good, agreed, it has a nice groove to it. I hope the rest of the new album will be as good as this.
Blaze Bayley - Virus - live in Rio (Pro shot)

I am not sure if this was posted before, but in case you haven't seen it, you might want to check it out!  :)


The rats in the cellar!!
It's been a while since I listened to that one. I always saw Virus as a conclusion of the ''X-Factor sound''. Just listen to that crowd when the main melody starts  :lol:
I've been listening to Promise and Terror lately, and for the most part I'm seriously impressed. It sounds a bit like The Man Who Would Not Die, but with more thought put into the riffing and melody. I still haven't made up my mind on Bayley as a singer; sometimes his voice annoys me, other times it sounds strangely beautiful in a way I can't quite articulate. I've also become even more of a fan of Bermudez's guitar-work, which reminds me a little of a toned-down but darker Dave Mustaine. I'm not sure how this ranks among Blaze's work overall, my opinion changes far too often on his albums.
I am not a fan of Bermudez lead work. Especially his longer tones seem at times repetitive and sometimes even out of place. Those melodies are pretty predictable as well. The biggest problem is that his solo style doesn't really sound like his own. It sounds kind of flat and soulless. 13 in a dozen. Exception: that opening lead (which comes back later in several reincarnations) in God of Speed rules.

But I like the riffing a lot on the new album. Bought it yesterday and hearing it for the first time now. Great production!

With 1633 they have chartered new territory. I love those more complicated rhythms. Also Blaze is really good with those fast vocals.