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I hate all the Europeans.

I'll be going to a Blaze concert if he ever comes to North America.
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If the mountain won't come to Mohammed....

I'll be seeing him in London, and looking forward to it already.
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I'm sure all Europeans hate you too. :p
Well, we've had the discussion before...I think the Blaze songs suit him, and the non-Blaze songs often don't.

But TMWWND is really growing on me, but nothing compared to Silicon Messiah.
There are some really great tracks on the new album. The title track, Smile Back At Death, While You Were Gone, Samurai, At The End Of The Day and Voices From The Past (My favourite from the album, I think) are as powerful and energetic as Blaze gets, but the rest is unfortunately pretty average by his standards.
Given the circumstances the album was recorded in, it's unfair to expect another Silicon Messiah (but then, it's unfair to expect that from anyone), but I still have to say that I'm a bit disappointed by it. I don't blame it on Blaze or the band, and I'm sure they did the best they could, but I guess my expectations were just too high after hearing the two new tracks that were played live several years ago (!).
Kind of difficult to hear Blaze well (noisy bar!), but still a nice chat with some Italian fan, done on 3-3-2009 in Salerno. Link
My pre-ordered limited edition copy of the new Blaze Bayley dvd - The Night That Will Not Die - arrived today. It came with some really cool stuff: a t-shirt, wrist-band, signed photo and a phone number for the band! Doesn't matter now if the videos are any good. :D
All right. I've just returned from the Prague gig and it was amazing :) Really incredible. Guitars could be a bit louder or the rest a bit softer, but that was the only glitch (oh well, I do not speak about delayed start, not important :) As a support, we got local band named Salamandra (not bad, I quite like them, even have their CD. Oh and this pand opened for Maiden the previous year :)) and some special guest (I do not know if I can spoil it :) The special quest was surprising thanks to vocal duo, especially the nicer singer was interesting :)

The setlist has been the same as on previous gigs, if anyone interested, it can be found o blaze bayley official forum, played masterfully and it could be seen that Blaze is happy with the audience :) When I first saw him exiting their tour bus, he looked tired or what, but then on the stage - superb. And the others also rocked :) I was a bit surprised by the support the audience shown, I was afraid nobody will know lyrics etc., but luckily, I was wrong :)
Can't wait till my DVD arrives.  I'm going to have to wait to watch it though, because I promised a friend that we'd watch it together.

Damn.  Hope the T-shirt is cool. 
So for once I disagree slightly with Perun. I just listened to the entire album (several times). I really enjoyed the entire thing, even more than Silicon Messiah (although I haven't listened to that album in a while). Anyway, my favorites off it are the title track, While You Were Gone, Samurai, Waiting for my Life to Begin, Voices from the Past and The Truth is One. I'm not sure what it is about this album, but it just strikes me as really high-energy and full of great beats and riffs. Blaze himself sounds really good on it too. So, in my point of view at least, a clear 5/5 album.
I just saw Blaze live at the Helsinki gig, and it was the smallest gig I've been to.  The actual floor space was tiny, as was the stage (they barely had room for Blaze and the guitarists and bassist to all stand at the front).  It created a really intimate atmosphere, especially as there was even no barrier so you could literally touch Blaze.  It was also a really long set,
longer than Maiden's SBIT set at around 1:50 to 1:55.
  Blaze was also full of energy, really interacting with the audience in a way that even Bruce would be hard pressed to match.  He kept praising the fans in general and the audience, and I was also pleasantly surprised that the people there were so loud.  But then, I guess if you're a Blaze fan, you're also a die-hard Maiden fan, and die-hard Maiden fans are quite loud. ;)

Also, the setlist was pure gold.
Now that I've seen The Clansman and Stare at the Sun live, I don't know what will impress me anymore.  The Clansman especially is such an excellent crowd participation song that I have to seriously reconsider whether Fear of the Dark is really Maiden's best live song; the crowd screaming "FREEEDOOOM" at the top of their voices is really something to hear.  The Maiden songs in general got some of the loudest response; they were Lord of the Flies, Futureal, and Man on the Edge.
If Blaze makes the trek over to North America like he says he will, I'd almost prefer it if he played no Maiden tracks.  I prefer his solo stuff to his Maiden era output.
I like to hear some Maiden tracks from Blaze, since those are tracks I wouldn't hear otherwise.  Blaze played pretty much all solo stuff that I wanted to hear anyway (except Crack in the System, I don't really like the song), and The X Factor is so good it beats even Blaze's solo stuff.