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Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

If you have not already read this, then do so - Blaze Bayley will reunite with Wolfsbane.

Sources: Maidenfans, PlanetBlaze.

It does say on PlanetBlaze that: "This is something highly unusual, so do not miss this one". From experience, I can say that Wolfsbane shows were amongst the most fun you will ever have at a live gig. Find yourself in the Midlands (Tamworth, to be exact) at that time, pop in - you won't be dissapointed. :D
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

I must admit I like the way he talks about his time in Maiden.  He doesn't have that Di'Anno syndrome I guess  :innocent:
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

BLAZE BAYLEY To Release 'Alive In Poland' DVD In June - Apr. 27, 2007 


Metal Mind Productions has set a June 11 release date for former IRON MAIDEN/WOLFSBANE singer Blaze Bayley's DVD. Entitled "Alive in Poland", the disc was recorded at the 21st edition of the Metalmania Festival, which took place on March 24 in Katowice, Poland. Blaze Bayley and his band put on a 90-minute show consisting of the best tracks from BLAZE's discography as well as select cuts from IRON MAIDEN ("Man on the Edge", "Futureal"). The DVD will also include many great bonus features, such as an interview with Blaze Bayley, an interview with all members of Blaze's band (featuring footage filmed during their visit to Poland) and more. A limited edition "Alive in Poland" release will include a CD with songs recorded at the concert.
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

BLAZE BAYLEY Splits With Management, Drummer - May 29, 2007 

Metalhead Music Management and drummer Rico Banderra have parted ways with the solo project of former IRON MAIDEN/WOLFSBANE singer Blaze Bayley. According to a press release issued by Metalhead, the reason for the split is "personal differences between the management and Blaze Bayley as well as the Bermudez brothers [Nick and David, guitar and bass respectively]. Also there are differences in opinions and interests about how to work professional[ly] between Mr. Blaze Bayley as well as the Bermudez brothers and their now former management office. After Blaze Bayley and the Bermudez brothers fractured a few times their contracts, we are not willing to work with them in the future. We are so sorry for the fans."

Vague statement, anyway, what a crap.
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

Certainly can't make the band any worse than they have been for the last 4 months. :rolleyes:
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

Real World said:
Certainly can't make the band any worse than they have been for the last 4 months. :rolleyes:

For the last 4 years imo.

Here a new interview:

BLAZE BAYLEY: 'I'm Really Sick Of The Big Business Side Of Things' - May 30, 2007 

Marko Syrjälä and Jarno Huovila of recently conducted an interview with singer Blaze Bayley (ex-IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE). A few excerpts from the chat follow: You've got an all-new band and management [now former management; see previous BLABBERMOUTH.NET story. — Ed.]. How about record label?

Blaze: It's gonna be our own label. Because of all of the problems I've had with SPV/Steamhammer, Def American, Phonogram and Geffen, I'm really sick of the big business side of things. We're about the music and the fans, and the way big record companies do things is all about the product, which I always hated. When you agonize over the lyrics, sometimes for days or even years, that's not a product to me, that's part of my fucking life. In the future everything will be our own and we'll just have distribution. You recently changed the band name from BLAZE to BLAZE BAYLEY. Was that to mark this as sort of a new beginning?

Blaze: The thing is that I spoke to a lot of fans that knew me from IRON MAIDEN and WOLFSBANE and they kept asking what I was doing now. I had released four albums with BLAZE and they just didn't know. But everybody knows BLAZE BAYLEY, so hopefully, there's no mistake about my heritage, that I come from WOLFSBANE and IRON MAIDEN, it's just easier to recognize. Have you already started writing material for the new album?

Blaze: We've just got some rough ideas at the moment because it's new for all of us working together. The ideas we have worked on are very dark and quite aggressive because of what's happened over the last couple of years with all the people that have lied, cheated and stolen from me. I think the new album will have a quite dark edge, some of it sounds very old school, some of it more modern, some of it's really heavy, almost in a death metal sense, and some of it's more classic in a MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH sense. In June we'll lock ourselves in a rehearsal room and won't come out until we have fifteen great songs. A little while ago you played some shows with DORO and the classical orchestra. Can you tell us a little about that?

Blaze: I had done couple of shows for Doro's agent, with my band, and she was doing this classic thing and they particularly wanted to do "Fear of the Dark", I didn't write that songs, but it was one of my favourites in the MAIDEN days to sing, a great live song. So they asked me if I wanted to do it, then picked out another couple of BLAZE songs and my hits from IRON MAIDEN and arranged them with the orchestra. As a singer you've always got a bit of a soft spot for doing something with an orchestra. It's cringey, it's sickening and all of this business, but there's still something about standing in front of a 25-piece band and singing, it's really magical. You think that classical musicians would be really stuck up, but they're exactly the same as every other fucking musician that you've ever been on tour with, like "Where the beer, the girls, the cello players..." Were you asked to or did you simply decide to tone down your stage act after joining IRON MAIDEN?

Blaze: Yeah, I did have to tone it down. I toned it down a bit because I thought that MAIDEN was so much more serious and more about the music and the songs as opposed to having a good night out. In WOLFSBANE we came from the pub and club background and before we had a record deal we had to get a reaction, no matter what it took. With MAIDEN you didn't need to do that because people already knew the songs and were interested in what the new songs were like, everybody had come to see you. So I toned it down, but did get told off a couple of times for too much swearing and being too aggressive. Do you still receive royalties for the IRON MAIDEN stuff, especially with all these compilations and live albums being released all the time?

Blaze: Just a little bit, not much now. Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps joining IRON MAIDEN was a mistake?

Blaze: Well, it was not MY mistake, because it's a legendary band, one of the biggest bands in the world, one that I respected and was a fan of. I thought that it was an unusual choice to choose me and my voice, because my voice is so different to the previous singer [Bruce Dickinson] and different to the first singer [Paul Di'Anno].

Read the entire interview at ----> ... iew&id=917
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

Love the bit about the classical orchestra. Yeah, they are no different from other musicians...except that they dress in suits for their performances. :P
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Recently I listened to all Blaze studio albums. I must confess, the last couple of years, I've been a bit negative about "Blood & Belief", and more about Blaze in general. I was a bit blinded. Blaze's attitude annoyed me, some people from his live band annoyed me.

Now I see that these negative views have absolutely nothing to do with these quality studio albums. They're all three good and I will treasure them.

The guitar solos on the Blaze albums are of a high quality. Steve Wray and John slater rule!
I think I will give their band "Rise To Addiction" ( ) a serious chance!
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Alright, I thought they had a complete album out!

I’ll see if I can get this EP! Thanks 
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

They do have an album out called "A New Shade of Black for the Soul". Not sure if I'll check it out, I wasn't overly impressed by the EP.
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Bruce interviewed producer Andy Sneap last friday in Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show.

At some point they started to talk about Blaze! (Sneap produced many albums, including Blaze's) :)

Andy mentioned Blaze's first album.

Bruce: "I actually liked that album. I will probably get shot for this but I thought that he was so much better than with Maiden".

Andy: “He sings an octave lower”

I haven’t transcribed it properly because it was over in a second. It’s impossible to rewind during the show, and winding doesn't go that great either, so I’d say check it out for yourself, if interested.

Listen to a replay of the program at this location --> ... m_rockshow

Interview begins after MEGADETH's "Sleepwalker" is played; click here for the show's playlist --> ... 0817.shtml
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

It would seem that Rich Newport has left the band. He sent an e-mail to a guy he knows on the croatian part of the maiden-world forum - he said that Blaze got angry with him for "stupid reasons", insulted him beyond reconciliation so he quit the band.
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

gulranek said:
It would seem that Rich Newport has left the band. He sent an e-mail to a guy he knows on the croatian part of the maiden-world forum - he said that Blaze got angry with him for "stupid reasons", insulted him beyond reconciliation so he quit the band.

Hmmm, I wish Blaze would get his act together, he sounds like a right prick these days. After watching his new DVD, Alive In Poland, it just doesnt give the impression hes really enjoying the concert, none of the band members look like they are having fun on stage (except David Bermudez, he never stops smiling  :) ). Its almost as if Blaze is really forcing himself to be somewhere rather than doing it for the fans or because he enjoys performing.
He swears unecessarily as well, which I dont mind a bit, but otherwise I get put off. Dont get me wrong, Im not offended by Blaze and whatever he says, its just swearing all the time to get the crowd going which grates for me.

Anyways, I hope Blaze either goes out of his way to show that he was sorry for whatever or moves on and finds some bandmembers which will tolerate him for more than a few months. You never know who is in the wrong with band arguments, but its pretty obvious that Blaze is doing something wrong.
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Man, man, Blaze is truly a dick these days. It could be the Wolfsbane reunion, giving him the guts to gamble on two horses.
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

He's also going in the studio now in November, so he cancelled the two additional Croatian acoustic gigs, but it could have something to do with Rich leaving, the two news came in about simultaneously.

I don't think that he's gambling on Wolfsbane, it's just a reunion so they can do these 4-5 shows and his new album will be coming out in late February.
Re: B L A Z E / Wolfsbane

Here it is, official announcement on

Sad but true.... Rich Newport has left the Blaze Bayley band, ALL SHOWS will continue as planned, this does NOT affect the gigs at all as J Walsh will be playing guitar instead
We have worked with J for the last few shows since September.
Rich Newport has decided to persue a career as a guitar teacher.
This does not affect the album release at all Blaze Bayley and Nico Bermudez and David Bermudez have already written most of the new material.
We wish Rich Newport all the best for the future.
I am looking forward to seeing you at all the future gigs, keep watching, we are booking more all the time.
See you all soon
Blaze Bayley