Best Live "Survivor" Songs

Best Live Survivor song

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I'm one of the biggest moaner re set list staples in particular Wrathchild .

In light of yet another live version of the damned track (I used to love it) let's have a bit of fun and vote for our favourite live "Survivor" tracks (being polite) .

I think these are the top 10.


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It's rather strange to name Hallowed, given it was not included in 2 of the last 3 tours, and, most of all, it's a masterpiece. Run to the Hills and Wrathchild may be dispensable in terms of quality, let alone Sanctuary, but Hallowed ???


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Instantly, I gravitated towards 2 Minutes To Midnight and The Trooper, until I realized that this is Live "Survivor" Songs. So, then of course I have to go with Fear Of The Dark. Still incredible live - the atmosphere when everyone's singing along is still nigh unbeatable to any other Maiden song. The only other that comes close was the Blood Brothers performance from Ullevi last year.


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Such an easy choice: The Trooper. The thundering intro gets me every time and it doesn't feel like the band are going through the motions when playing it (unlike NOTB/RTTH/FOTD/Hallowed).

Honorable mentions: Wrathchild. Seriously. It's fun, short, and usually serves as a nice breather between songs that aren't as well known. I don't really think Two Minutes belongs on this list because it gets fairly regular breaks, but that one is always fun live too.


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I'm going for FOTD. It works so well live and gets the crowd on its side every time. Trooper is great, but hell, it's tripping-over-itself-fast live, and Bruce can't keep up these days. Wrathchild might have the reputation of stock fallback song, but it's pretty decent and energetic live.
If they need to fill a 3 minute slot at gigs why not

Holy smoke
Man on the edge
From here to Eternity
Judas by my guide

Any takers or still favour wrathchild?