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"War Of The Gods", a brand new song from Swedish Viking metallers AMON AMARTH from the band's eighth studio album, "Surtur Rising", can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

"Surtur Rising" will be released in North America on March 29 via Metal Blade Records. Named in tribute to Surtur, leader of the fire giants of Muspelheim ("flame land") and the oldest being in the nine worlds of Norse mythology, the record, which was listed among Decibel magazine's most anticipated albums of 2011, features 10 tracks of sword-wielding, fist-pumping, hyper climactic battle anthems. The follow-up to 2008's monolithic "Twilight Of The Thunder God" full-length was recorded again at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden with Jens Bogren and features strikingly brutal cover art by Tom Thiel.

The new web site, dedicated exclusively to "Surtur Rising", will include album pre-orders for North America and Europe as well as up-to-the-minute news updates, tour announcements, videos and singles leading up to the record's release.

U.S. fans will have ten "Surtur Rising" pre-order options:

* Deluxe Box Set
* Deluxe Box Set + LP
* Deluxe Box Set + LP + exclusive shirt
* Deluxe Box Set + exclusive shirt
* CD/DVD + LP + exclusive shirt
* CD/DVD + exclusive shirt
* LP
* LP + exclusive shirt

The shirt is a Metal Blade U.S. pre-order exclusive and will be unavailable for purchase after street date.

CD/DVD digipak includes:

* 10 tracks of brand new music
* Multi-panel digipak
* 28-page full-color booklet

DVD includes over four hours of live concert footage filmed during the "Bloodshed Over Bochum" concert series in 2008.

Deluxe CD/DVD package with Surtur action figurine includes:

* Limited collectible Surtur figure (approx 5.5" tall)
* 10 tracks of new music
* 2 bonus tracks: KISS' "War Machine" and ACCEPT's "Balls To The Wall"
* 28-page full-color booklet
* Multi-panel digipak

DVD includes over four hours of live concert footage filmed during the "Bloodshed Over Bochum" concert series in 2008.

Picture disc includes:

* Two-sided "Surtur Rising" picture disc
* Die-cut gate-fold sleeve

"Surtur Rising" track listing:

01. War Of The Gods
02. Töck's Taunt - Loke's Treachery Part II
03. Destroyer Of The Universe
04. Slaves Of Fear
05. Live Without Regrets
06. The Last Stand Of Frej
07. For Victory Or Death
08. Wrath Of The Norsemen
09. A Beast Am I
10. Doom Over Dead Man

Their last album was their best IMO.


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I liked Oden slightly more than Twilight, but both are superb albums.  I'm quite anticipated about this album, and the new song rocks as well. :rocker:


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“‘Slaves Of Fear’ is not the all-typical Amon Amarth song. It was one of the last songs we finished for the album and what makes this song a little bit different is the collaboration between me and [guitarist] Olavi [Mikkonen] as songwriters. Usually, most songs are written by Olavi and [guitarist] Johan [Söderberg]. It’s definitely one of the darkest songs we’ve ever written and the main/intro riff is my personal tribute to the passing of Ronnie James Dio as the riff came to me after listening to Holy Diver. Lyrically, it’s about how religions keep people under its control and  from thinking for themselves. It includes some of the most angry lyrics [vocalist] Johan [Hegg] has written and they kind of remind me of ‘The Sound Of Eight Hooves’ [off 2001's The Crusher full-length] in a way. It works exceptionally well with the melancholic feel of the riffs.”

NightProwler666 said:

Holy shit, these guys should sit together more often. This rules! I think I like this band a bit more at slower pace.  :rocker:


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I prefer the other one.  :)  The part starting at 1:22 is unbeatable! And that last part as well.

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Resurrection! In the meantime, Slaves Of Fear became one of my favorite Amon Amarth songs. It's amazing!

Johan Hegg is becoming an actor :D

Movie poster:
Ryan Kwanten from True Blood is the main star of the movie:
and here's a character poster of Hegg :D
I hope he growls all of his lines :D


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Is this a moment where I say, 'awesome' or one where I say, 'you've got to be kidding me'?

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At the moment I only know four Amon Amarth songs:

Masters of War
An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
Death in Fire
Runes to my Memory

but I'm thinking of asking for one of their albums for my birthday. Their compilation, 'Hymns to the Rising Sun', is at least £20 because it's an import from Japan so I'd feel a bit guilty asking for that, so what is their best album?

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My favourite is Twilight of the Thunder God, but best album? I'd probably say With Oden on our Side.


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I agree with UO. Twilight is my definite favourite, and probably the easiest to get into, but With Oden on our Side is their most representative album.


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This is an odd coincidence. I was thinking of asking the same thing today: what is Amarth's best album? I have listened to all of them a long time ago but want to "rediscover" them. I remember liking Twilight less than some of the others but I'll give it a go. I think my favourite at the time (which doesn't matter much any more) was the debut "Once Sent from the Golden Hall".