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Babo 91

Re: Daily Song: Alexander the Great

bluehelmet said:
If Children of the Beast can pull this track off live note-perfect, then the real thing shouldn't have too many problems even if Steve Harris uses the tongue-in-cheek excuse that 'Adrian keeps forgetting the solo - that's why we never play it'

yeah thats bollocks. Adrian could play the solo in his sleep.


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Re: Daily Song: Alexander the Great

I can't add much that hasn't already been said.  The music is superb, some of Maiden's best, and make it inch very close to a 10.  The lyrics drop it to a high 9. 

Forostar said:
I am not going to be nerdy about the lyrics.


Babo 91


the lyrics may be dodgy but the music to this song is maiden at their very best. Blazing melodic guitar riffs and solos and somewhere awesome drum, bass and vocal work too. This song should be played live one day.

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Musically, close to the best song Maiden have ever written. Lyrically, possibly the worst ever written by Maiden. Still the music is that great, I can't give the song less than a 9. Brilliant solos and riffs.


This is in the second tier of Harris epics. I really enjoy listening to it but I never really go out of my way to put it on. I don't mind the historical inaccuracies but the lyric method "Alexander did this and then this then this then ALEXANDER THE GREAT, HIS NAME STRUCK FEAR INTO HEARTS OF MEN" means I can't attach myself to the message of the song like with some other epics. Musically it's great, but Maiden have done better. 8.


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7 out of 10... I would give this song a higher rating were it not for the vocal and the lyrics... I actually quite like the song itself.


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7/10, the song's got some nice musical moments, but I never understood what all the fuss was about it, I don't care that much that it has never been played. One of the more forced epics IMO.


10.  I think I've given this album the most tens out of any so far.  I frankly couldn't give two shits about the lyrics because of the fantastic music and singing.  I would do unforgivable things to see this live.


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The lyrics are 2 out of 10.
The music is 2139084902834 out of 10. Seriously, if anyone asked me, how good are they as musicians, i'd play ATG to him.

So it's 10/10.


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10! WOW! The album's closing. Couldn't believe, the first time I heard SIT, that the last song could be that marvellous. Despite all the historical errors and inaccuracies (how many are there in books we read thoughout school made on purpose? Basically, the whole history), the song conjures up all the imagery of the carachter's life, time and battles perfectly. Maiden was so inspired during the writing sessions for this that is almost unacceptable someone saying this album is less that seminal in any rocker collection.

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Another classic album closer. The beginning of the song is maybe a little overlong, but then when it speeds up, you start to understand why so many people want to hear it live. Lyrics are good, maybe a little incorrect, but nevermind. 9/10.


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Probably my favorite epic. This is the most musically great song ever. It is also their most progressive song and takes them in new routes. (there are a few measures in 15/8!) I give it a 10/10


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Not my favorite from SIT. I probably have to give this song more listens. Still, epic closer, worth a 9.