Album rankings per person

Added two albums by Donner. Sorry, should have added you earlier since you completed AMOLAD.

Albie is complete now. See which album shares the no. 1 spot with Seventh Son!
I find it interesting how highly rated TFF is now with most members giving it an 8.5 average. It makes me wonder how it will fare in the next year or so.
1. Killers 8,6
1. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 8,6
3. The Final Frontier 8,5
4. Virtual XI 8,3
5. Iron Maiden 8,2
6. Brave New World 8,1
6. A Matter of Life and Death 8,1
8. Powerslave 8,0
8. The X Factor 8,0
10. The Number of the Beast 7,6
10. Dance of Death 7,6
12. Piece of Mind 7,4
13. No Prayer for the Dying 7,1
14. Somewhere in Time 6,9
15. Fear of the Dark 5,5

Looking at that, perhaps Killers has a slightly bloated score and Dance of Death slightly less. Other than that, the order is pretty much spot on for me.
Batman said:
I find it interesting how highly rated TFF is now with most members giving it an 8.5 average. It makes me wonder how it will fare in the next year or so.

My thought as well, the album a bit in flux with me and that rating on some songs probably change more after seeing them performed live (and in person).
That makes sense. There are a lot of songs I had to see live to appreciate. Fear Of The Dark is a big one.
That's why -unfortunately- a lot of hardly or never played songs are underrated.

I added Murder89, added a heap of albums for Donner, two for wizard, and Fugazi completed his series.

I was forced to split up the members, because the first post exceeded the maximum allowed length (20000 characters).

First group
Second group
Forostar said:
A Matter of Copy and Split. ;)
...and death  :lol:
my complete rankings will be ready by 28th July
having a marathon 1CD a day from like 20th of June and the itll all be down on paper... lost my old notebook  :( i had ratings in that down to 3decimal places on each song.    Anyway should be a decent spot of fun going through some of the less listened to songs with a fine tooth comb :edmetal: :smartarse:
all after i get next weeks Alevel exams over with of course
thanks  :)    got the hard one (math) outta the way... now just biology, chemistry + physics  [sub]because you care [/sub]
+ THEN MAIDEN (ish)  :edmetal:

replied to that, you can see why maths was the hard one ^  :innocent:
I saw it. Thanks!  :)

Even if my math was correct, it still can be wrong if you did have "reworked ratings" (because I can't see you votes).
But if you trust my observation skills (deduced from your posts), I'd say, let's keep the album ranking as I suggested.
All rankings down on paper, prepared for addition to commentary.  B)
Once the old ones can be cleared out  (insert smiley kicking poll box)
Revelations85 said:
To do the complete rankings, would we vote on each song in the album specific commentary? Or...

Yes. Each song has a dedicated thread with a poll. Rate every song and give a short review (or along one, if you please)
Here are my rankings.
7th Son:9.4
TFF: 8.9
Iron Maiden:8.7
Virtual XI: 8 (Weird, considering I like both AMOLAD and DOD more than this)
No Prayer:7.1
I left this topic alone for a while but now I decided to make an exception. I completed Eddies Wingman's ranking.
He's been loyal with this subject since the beginning, and he only had to do one album (The Final Frontier).

Thanks, man. It's done.

To the people who wonder about the status of this whole project, I refer to this topic.

Please read all posts.