Age of Innocence

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Re: Daily Song: Age of Innocence

Another DoD track I like better than many seem to. A tasty Davey intro, solid rock verses and a poignant-sounding chorus, all spoiled somewhat by bad lyrics. My issue is not so much with Steve’s message, but its execution. It comes across like a bad letter to the editor. Seven
Re: Daily Song: Age of Innocence

Interesting how people can be lifted up by the music, or annihilate the track because of its lyrics. Speaking of focus.  :D

Also, I was afraid that Nicko's vocal version wouldn't do the original track much good, but it's good to see that I was too pessimistic about that.

I really dig "Age of Innocence". Many full sounding, heavy riffs blow out of my speakers. Great production, nothing wrong with this sound.

The song has a fine intro, and the structure is a well thought one. I like that extra "bridge" chord, launching us into the chorus. Absolute highlight is the instrumental part which reminds me a bit (stylewise) of some stuff the band did on the No Prayer album. I love that low, stimulating bass with that ethereal harmony on top of it. The synth does the finishing touch. Sounds a bit doomy, and fits the atmosphere perfectly. Good to see some others appreciate this magical moment as well. Dave's solo itself is quite breathtaking.

I don't think the rap people talk about (also mentioned in the Commentary) sounds like a rap at all. This is just some excellent display of fast and aggressive vocals, fitting well to the lyrics and music.

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I give Dave 10 outta 10 for bringing some excellent harmonies and riffs to the DoD writing and recording sessions. With Rainmaker his ideas were turned into a true classic, with this song not so much unfortunately. But still his distinct sounds can be enjoyed and the chorus is very catchy. I'd have preferred Steve to have written about the Daniel Day Lewis/Martin Scorsese film "Age of Innocence" which is a critique on 18th century upper class New York. Woulda been cool.

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Quite a good song with a good chorus (although some cheesy lyrics in there). 7
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The intro is pretty cool but after that first minute is up, I really start to dislike the song. The riff isn't memorable, the lyrics are quite poor and Bruce doesn't deliver them well. Not a fan of the solo either, but the post riff solo is pretty decent However, 2 sections of the song don't save it from being the worst off the album (even worse than Wildest Dreams). 4/10.
8/10. Y'know, I'm no redneck, and I'm far from being a right winger. Having said that, I have to question all of the negative comments regarding the lyrics of this tune. They contain a lot of truths that I agree with, and I think that it's a timely topic for Maiden to explore. Maybe some of you are too young to have experienced the frustration and anger that comes from being victimized by some of the things that Steve is writing about. Amen, Mr. Harris.
I understand that sentiment, but I think the song lyrics sound more like a rant than anything else. Quite un-Maidenish.

Music-wise I find this one of the weakest songs of the album. It's not bad, but it does not stand out in any way. 7.
I agree with both of you on the lyrics.
I'm never going to be confused with George W. in my political beliefs, but it's a mistake to minimize the frustration felt by "decent, law-abiding folk" when society gives breaks to scum.
From an artistic viewpoint, I applaud what's actually a risky attempt. The rebels and renegades are usually the heroes in this type of music, not the assholes.
But Steve failed to pull it off. The words themselves just don't cut it.
I don't hear anything profound or complex.
Just "get off my lawn!"
7- I love the chorus melody, it's one of my favorite Maiden choruses.  But I've never cared for the lyrics.  Good but not great.
Just wanted to add my two cents worth here.

I still remember my very first listen to this awesome song.
I just stood there in AWE. I was stunned by Maiden's ability to still knock my socks off with such bliss.

Still one of my most favorite songs, what, 5 + years later.

'Age Of Innocence'  :wub:

One of their best ever.  :D

" we only get one chance, and we take it..."  --sweet.
I've always considered DOD the biggest "hit or miss" maiden album, the track was either exceptional or awful... this is kind of in the middle. Musically its amazing, the chorus to me is strong along with the meaning, But the words, just awful! They don't rhyme and they don't blend. As for content, my dog could have done it. When I first heard this song I thought wow amazing and then I listened to the lyrics. So after a rant im going to throw out a 6/10 for being better then just about anything on NPFTD or FOD.
I first heard this song when I went to the CD shop to buy the album (obviously, on the release day). I entered the shop and the chorus was playing on the speakers, and I thought to myself "why are they playing this boy band crap when the new Maiden album is being released?". And then a few seconds later I realized that it was indeed a new Maiden song. :D A nice comment by mckindog a few posts above, the song boils down to "get off my lawn" without any deeper thoughts.