Age of Innocence

How good is Age of Innocence on a scale of 1-10?

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I think this is another song that gets more hate than it deserves, I remember being pretty surprised that there were so many people on this forum who aren't fond of it. I think it's a solid track. The main riff is awesome and I like Bruce's vocal performance. The chorus is great. The lyrics do make them show their age off a bit, but I'd rather see them write an honest lyric than something a 20 year old would write. Not that these are more well written for that reason. It's very reminsicent of their early 90s social commentary lyrics that often fell flat. Age of Innocence shows they never really improved in that department. X Factor was more of a fluke.

Bruce's rap is different. But that's what I like about this album. They're trying different things. Some of it worked, some didn't, but at least they were able to distinguish going forward.

The song wouldn't be out of place on FOTD musically or lyrically. Probably would've come off better on that album really.



There's some really nice stuff going on in this. Nice riffs and some good hooks. But I really don't like the reactionary, tabloidy sentiments in the lyrics and it spoils the song for me. I wish they'd used the chorus elsewhere and embellished it, could have been great.



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I think I've ranted about the lyrics in 3 or 4 different threads, but musically, this tune is actually really good with a heavy (by Maiden standards) verse riff. This probably would have even have been an album highlight for me...


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Age of Innocence is the second good Murray track on the album, opening with a stereotypical mournful semi-blues lead before rocking out. The verses are atypical for Murray, with a newfound heaviness and anger. The lyrics condemn Britain’s judicial system and Bruce sounds quite pissed off. He sounds phenomenal on the whole song, actually, from the pummeling verses to the quick-change of the soaring, infectious chorus. Although it sounds quite a bit too much like Journey, the cheery chorus here actual serves to enhance the song, a wry wink at the message being presented. It’s an odd little Maiden song, as Murray’s songs often are, but it’s enjoyable.


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Like mentioned above, Dave's songs can be odd. This is an example of that. It doesn't sound like Maiden, yet the Maiden sound is there somewhere. It's a decent song, but the weak parts are the same as in the other songs. Poor vocal lines some places, and not all of different sections work together.


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The lyrics are really the only true problem here (they're overall pretty subpar, except for the chorus). The instrumental part of the song is very strong, and with better lyrics could've made for a monster of a song. The chorus is the highlight here, only part of the lyrics Steve got right and it's also quite catchy. Overall, an 8.


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I like the chorus, the verses are odd and the lyrics aren't very wow but the chorus saves it


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Excellent song 10/10. From the album that for me cemented the Fact that Maiden is back and better than ever. Love this tune and spin it almost daily.


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A dreamy intro gives way to a softer verse. This kicks up the heaviness a notch for the next verse. The mostly non-rhyming lyrics grate a bit after a while. Surprisingly catchy major-key chorus.

Back to the heavier verse and chorus, then we get a nice Dave solo and a kind of boring harmonized section. A surprisingly heavy bridge cuts into a brighter bridge before returning to the pre-chorus and chorus.

The song sounds like it's wrapping up in heavy mode, but then it abruptly cuts over into an intro reprise that doesn't really fit. Apparently Steve's circular songwriting disease is infectious.

This song was actually better than I'd remembered, and with a few tweaks it could've been great. As it stands, it's a 7/10.

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"Age of Innocence" has a great chorus, but that's about the only thing it's got going for it. The verses and the rap bit are pretty bland to atrocious, and the lyrics feel like the band botched the job. I get their concerned about the modern days but Jesus, they didn't have to make them suck, did they? Again though, the chorus is great, and because of that, I think this song is lifted from really, really shitty, to merely below average. 4


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AOI is the only bad reunion era song. idk, strange song for Maiden, nice intro but after that only the chorus is somehow acceptable. The song is unusually heavy for the band - sounds more like a Bruce solo song. 5/10.
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