Adrian Smith

Ade interview with Chris Jericho.

player fm says there's a problem with the audio. Thanks anyway.
What Adrian says in that interview?

Quite alot about personality dynamics in Maiden, longetivity, Steve's songriting, his time in Bruce's band, returning to Maiden, geting older and wiser, fishing, Paul McCartney and Johnny Cash's kids and grandkids being Maiden fans, rehearsals and his 2 favourite songs on LOTB... FTGGOG and SOTC.

2 more interesting points:

He said we ARE still writing and recording new music.

He doesn't mind fans coming to him for pictures and 1 autograph, but he hates autograph hunters who then sell the stuff (he also says that all band members feel that way).
My pleasure! I am glad you were able to listen to the interview, as it is a rather interesting one.
Yep, very dynamic interview, he was very comfortable and he always has funny and interesting stories to share. The Paul Mcartney and Johnny Cash reminded me the Tom Jones story he told on the History dvds.

I want a: An evening with Ade & Melvin Tour:lol: