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Are these all songs recorded/(played live) by Urchin ?

Black Leather Fantasy
Rock 'N' Roll Woman
She's A Roller
Long Time No Woman
See Me Through
Walking Out On You
Watch Me Walk Away
The Late/Latest Show
Keeping It Mellow
Life In The City
My Lady
Need Somebody
Get Up And Get Out
Little Girl
Countdown (alternate version)
Don't Ask Me

Steal My Heart
The User
Ain't Got No Money
Somebody Like You

I have two albums, High Roller and Get Up and Get Out. The songs on those albums are:

  • Urchin - High Roller (2010)

  1. "Keeping It Mellow"
  2. "Life in the City"
  3. "Watch Me Walk Away"
  4. "Countdown"
  5. "Lifetime"
  6. "The Late Show"
  7. "My Lady"
  8. "Animals"

  • Urchin - Get Up and Get Out (2012)

  1. "Madman"
  2. "Need Somebody"
  3. "Get Up and Get Out"
  4. "Little Girl"
  5. "Countdown" (Alternate Version)
  6. "Lifetime"
  7. "Don't Ask Me"
  8. "Suicide"
You have more information about Urchin-related releases here:

Hardly a new find as of the upload date, but I don't seem to remember having seen this before... I thought I might not be the only one in this case (and if I actually am, just impale me Simon Drake-style), so enjoy! :)
Posted in 2015, two days after it came on YouTube. Easy to find if one searches "Wasted Years" in this topic. You and other people may like to read through this topic and (re)discover more. That's what it is for.
Wasted Years with Adrian Smith on vocals! Quite different version but the ultra rare aspect of it rules.

Shavo Odadjian (SYSTEM OF A DOWN), Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN) and Justin Chancellor (TOOL) came together for a jam Sunday night (December 29) at an undisclosed location, while celebrating the birthday of Smith's wife, Nathalie Dufresne-Smith.

Earlier today, Odadjian took to his Instagram to post a photo of the trio, along with the following caption: ""Had the pleasure of jamming with a couple of legends last night. @misteradriansmith from @Ironmaiden and #justinchancellor from @toolmusic . What a great night. Until next time. #happybirthday @nathalie_d_smith ! #ironmaiden x #tool x #systemofadown"

Later in the day, he posted photos of the jam session, clarifying that Chancellor sat behind the drum kit, while he played bass and Smith took care of the guitar duties. He wrote: "What a fun night!"
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he's much better here. happy new year 2020 everyone
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I think that those musical differences were due to Steve taking more control. He really wanted to make that stripped-down sound we heard on NPFTD, and that's understandable when you have Adrian writing these lovely progressive songs over the past few albums. It was a complete change in direction from the way the band had been evolving.
I also think Bruce took it more personally than Adrian did, because Bruce has a bigger ego.

May I ask which "progressive songs" Adrian had written at the time ? Waysted Years, Sea of Madness and Stranger don't fall into this category, and his contributions in 7th Son don't either. The progressive side of the band was all Steve's at the time.
Yeah, bit of a weird comment by LC there. Adrian's discontent was about the fact that band was going away from experimenting with different sounds (synths, keyboards) and going for a more meat and potatoes sound. Not really about songwriting imput.

Adrian's songwriting became more progressive metal-laden during the 90s, which he also brought to Maiden later on.