Adrian, Janick and Dave's guitars and Steve's basses


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I'd say that it's a well known opinion of many touring musicians that Strat's low weight, centered mass and availability of locking tremolos make it a great live choice. LP is, in essence, a classical guitar made out of full wood, equipped with humbuckers. It is heavy, mass is centered around the "bottom", and it will detune at temperature change. A lot of those live Strat performers use Gibsons in the studio, where those 'cons' do not apply.


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I know Adrian has mentioned before that his Jacksons are great at staying in tune. The strats must be the same.

I’ve been playing bass for 20 years and my main bass is a Musicman Stingray 5. It is not the best choice for every genre (I play in a function band) but it stays in tune better than all my other basses. I would rather adjust the EQ and my technique to get a different tone for a certain song than faff about with another bass that may not stay in tune.

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For some time now I have been wondering why the band is so eager to use fender guitars. Janick complained in one of the interviews that they cause difficulties on stage due to noise and require a series of modifications, while other types of guitars are basically ready out of the box. It has been apparent for a while that they use Les Paul guitars a lot more, but still the Strat seems to be the main type of guitar they use. Even Adrian, although he has been playing Jackson for years, has a model based on the stratocaster.
In that interview Janick stated that the main problem were single coil pickups (not the guitar itself), but then the mini humbuckers came out and no more problems. For the same reason Dave used modified Strats or Strat-like guitars in the 80s and 90s.
For the rest, @Zare nailed it. Also, consider that Dave’s idol was Jimi Hendrix and Janick’s was and probably still is Ritchie Blackmore.
When it comes to Adrian, he started using his customized Jackson San Dimas in 1986 and Jackson was and still is part of the Fender brand.


Slightly different gear question.

I was just reading the World Slavery Tour insert thing that came with Somewhere in Time back in the eighties and on Steve's gear list he has a Danelectro Longhorn bass. Not the sort of instrument you would associate with metal in general and definitely something I've never seen Steve play.

Just wondering if anyone has any info/pictures of Steve's Danelectro?

Perhaps he was looking to introduce a surf element into Maiden in 84? Dave on a Fender Jag and Adrian on Mosrite?