365 Albums In One Year


Light Me Up - The Pretty Reckless
Format: CD/Digital

My Medicine - An odd start to the album, a midpaced track bordering on slow, a track which doesn't really venture too far into any real rocking musical direction. - 7/10

Since You're Gone - Another average track Taylor's vocals are fairly strong but the track itself just doesn't click together very well. - 7/10

Make Me Wanna Die - One of the album's singles much better than the previous tracks, the band delivers a much better performance than the previous track. Some nice strings in the background. Still not outright amazing but on the right track delivering a stronger track than both those which came before, dynamic throughout - 8.5/10

Light Me Up - The title track calms down slightly but the chorus is filled with a positive energy, about being brought up by others while you're in a low. It does have lyrics which lean towards drug use which makes the true message a little muddy. - 8/10

Zombie - A short track with a nice groove to it. About being numbed by the world becoming a Zombie persay. Instrumentally fairly good not an amazing track as a whole - 7.5/10

Just Tonight - Opening acoustically one of the shortest tracks has a nice explosive and soaring chorus. Another catchy and short track - 8.5/10

Miss Nothing - A fairly commercial track, nice and catchy while being to the point and different from what has come before. - 8/10

Goin' Down - A strong opening riff is amplified by some fast drum work, as Taylor comes in the band slows down before picking up again. Nice vocals. - 8/10

Nothing Left To Lose - Acoustic and upbeat while handling some darker lyrical subject matter. A pleasent track - 7.5/10

You - A much better acoustic track, super pleasant and overall not a heart wrenching ballad but one which does a good job - 8/10

Factory Girl - The final song of the album shifts back to a heavier sound, an it opens up the heaviest of anything on the album aside from Goin' Down. Another decent track - 7.5/10

Overall 77%

The Devil You Know - Heaven And Hell
Format: CD/Digital

Atom And Evil - Doom laden off the start, Ronnie comes in singing demonically, Tony's riff is rather unimaginative. Geezer's bass helps keep a slight drive to the song along with Vinny's drums. The guitar solo isn't amazing but it is better than the rest of the song. - 7/10

Fear - Track two comes in faster with Dio singing more clearly and in a higher register. Tony's guitar work is stronger on this track. A song that really fits with the other material of the band - 8/10

Bible Black - An absolute masterpiece. Ronnie sings amazingly with Tony letting loose some amazing riffs. Geezer and Vinny do amazing as well. The song goes calm until the first chorus which the band rips into action, transitioning into a brutal heavy track. An amazing Sabbath track true to the sounds of the Heaven and Hell album. - 10/10

Double The Pain - Continuing on the heavy onslaught is a track which wastes no time getting into the nitty gritty, the chorus is weaker but the verses have some stronger lyrics. - 8/10

Rock And Roll Angel - Another track with amazing performances from the band but weaker chorus. More dynamic than the previous track and a strong heavy track throughout. - 8.5/10

The Turn Of The Screw - Dio's age is showing vocally on this track, very aged from his youth but still so bloody powerful it is amazing. Once more amazing verses and weaker chorus. Instrumentally a strong track which even has moments with just Vinny and Geezer delivering some nice lower end work. - 8.5/10

Eating The Cannibals - Short and to the point the next track reminds me a little of the Mob Rules, chorus is slightly better than the last few. -9

Follow The Tears - Another longer epic, taking a little bit to get started, Dio delivers a simple but effective chorus. Tony's riff is a sledgehammer. - 9/10

Neverwhere - Back to the same flaws of the album, strong track with a chorus which goes nowhere. - 8/10

Breaking Into Heaven - The album's longest track closes it off, opening with an incredibly Doom filled riff from Tony, a good ending to the album. - 8.5/10

Overall 86%

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC
Format: Vinyl

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - The classic title track opens up the bands 3rd album (2nd outside of Austrailia). Catchy chorus despite the lack of variety and a wicked guitar solo from Angus. Bon lets loose some great vocals throughout - 10/10

Love At First Feel - Midpaced and not super exciting, the solo is nice but as a song it doesn't come close to the opener, or side closer... - 7.5/10

Big Balls - Slower than the previous track, Bon impersonates a stuck up member of society. Yea it is boring and I honestly hope this track was made as a joke - 5/10

Rocker - A high energy track comes in again short and to the point the song features Bon singing at high speeds as the band delivers some simple but effective instrumental work. - 8/10

Problem Child - An amazing track which has been previously reviewed. Problem Child delivers an amazing vocal preformance while the band lets loose some great music. Amazing song - 10/10

There's Gonna Be Some Rockin - An infectious midpaced riff opens up side 2, not a super upbeat track which honestly this track should be played at a faster pace and it would be much better - 8/10

Ain't No Fun (Waiting 'Round to Be A Millionaire) - A longer track, not super exciting or varying in delivery. The pace thankfully does change as the song progresses but overall the song is forgettable and it could have been great had the band changed something other than the tempo throughout. - 6/10

Ride On - Another slower track, which builds only to drop back down again. Bon's softer vocals are nice but it doesn't fit as well as his raw and rough rocking vocals do. - 7/10

Squeeler - The final track of the album brings the pace back up a little bit, some nice solos on the track, lyrics are discusting but work with the AC/DC charm... - 8/10

Overall 77%

Blackbird - Alter Bridge
Format: Vinyl

Side 1: Ties That Bind/Come to Life/Brand New Start/Buried Alive/ Coming Home

Flowing perfectly from one song to the next the first side shows off some amazing heavy rockers. Tues and Come to life are clearly amazing tracks and deserve their live presence. Brand New Start is the start of a decline in speed but it still is a nice uplifting track with Myles singing beautifully over it all. Buried Alive’s chorus has been stuck in my head for a couple days despite not hearing the song in months. The song is better than I remember with some weaker parts as Myles tries out some different vocal delivery styles when he has such an amazing high voice. Coming home closes off the first side delivering some nice opening guitar work, the chorus is preceded by a calm and quiet vocal from Myles. Chorus itself isn’t amazing but it is a strong rocker.

Ties That Bind - 10/10
Come To Life - 10/10
Brand New Start - 9/10
Buried Alive – 8.5/10
Coming Home – 8.5/10
Side 1 - 46/50

Side 2: Before Tomorrow Comes/ Rise Today/Blackbird/One By One

Side 2 holds some of the bands most powerful songs in fact the first 3 of them in a row are absolutely amazing tracks. Before Tomorrow Comes has always been a track which I have connected to from the start, an uplifting vocal with some nice backing vocals from Mark, as a semi-ballad it does an amazing job. Rise today comes in another uplifting track great sing a long chorus and commercial, it continues on the themes of making tomorrow better for everyone set forth by the previous track. The uplifting nature however is gone when the dark guitar of Blackbird comes in, Myles sings calm but the emphasis of his words with the song brings the song to the darkness in which it was created. This song is worth the cost of owning the album in any format. So heavy with an incredible chorus and godly guitar solos; Absolute perfection. One By One follows up closing off the 2nd side of the album, not as strong lyrically, Myles delivers the vocals very well the song feels out of place on this portion of the album. It does a good job picking the pace back up. Chorus isn’t bad as Myles does belt out some nice longer soaring esc notes.

Before Tomorrow Comes – 10/10
Rise Today – 10/10
Blackbird – 10/10
One By One – 8/10
Side 2 – 38/40

Side 3: Watch Over You/Break Me Down/White Knuckles/ Wayward One

The final side of the album opens with a ballad which I personally feel like should have been put on side 2 to close it off as it would have flowed better and Watch over You would have been an excellent side closer. A strong ballad in both electric and acoustic form; Myles delivers amazing vocals as the band erupts and eventually subsides as the band lets Myles close out the song as he began it. The next track of the side comes in and brings the upbeat energy back into the band, chorus and verses vocal delivery seems swapped from the normal Alter Bridge style and it does a fairly good job. White Knuckles’ opening is easily the heaviest rocking thus far off the start it is thrashing through all opposition, initially in the verse and chorus the band backs off but they don’t waste time coming back in. The dynamics of this song are really enjoyable and are unlike anything else on the album. Wayward One comes in with a lone guitar before the band begins to rise in the background ala Led Zeppelin. Myles sings clearly over it with some nice backing echoes behind him. The chorus comes in and his vocals rise further, another dark song. The fluctuations continue and Myles vocals feel pained and the album closes off on a dark note. Very fitting.

Watch Over You – 10/10
Break Me Down – 8/10
White Knuckles – 9/10
Wayward One – 9.5/10
Side 3 – 36.5/40

Overall the album upon re-listen got better, flowing incredibly well great delivery from everyone in the band and the album as a whole is dark but oh so good, uplifting at times heavy and dark at others.

Overall 93%
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Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
Format Vinyl

Side 1: Moonchild/Infinite Dreams/Can I Play With Madness/ The Evil That Men Do

The introduction of the album opens with Bruce and acoustic guitar before erupting into the explosive rocker, Lucifer's promise to take the Seventh Son's life, dark and evil Bruce embodies the devil with ease launching the album's Amazing solos and Nicko delivers amazing drum work. Steve's bass is prominent and driving nearly reaching the Maiden Gallop at some points. speeding up before stopping as a calm guitar cries Bruce sings the majestic Infinite Dreams, a heavy ballad following up the roaring opener with some amazing guitar work, while not as majestic as the guitar work on Somewhere In Time the guitar tone is amazing on this album Infinite dreams is no exception, the band solo section is unreal and isn't utilized by Maiden to this standard of excellence enough. The album's outright commercial track comes in next, catchy and direct Can I Play With Madness, the lower midsection before the guitar solo is a nice way to change up the song, fun and the faster ending with the acapella outro allows for a smooth transition into the final track on side 1 The Evil That Men Do. Opening up with some amazing guitar tone before Bruce comes in with menacing vocal once more, an amazing chorus with soaring vocals ensues before Bruce begins singing lower the distinction almost sounds like two separate singers. Bruce's godly performance is matched by the band. A calm guitar solo furious drumming and that reoccurring riff brings side 1 to a close.

Moonchild - 10/10
Infinite Dreams - 10/10
Can I Play With Madness - 8.5/10
The Evil that Men Do - 10/10
Side 1 38.5/40

Side 2: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son/ The Prophecy/ The Clairvoyant/ Only The Good Die Young

Organ's open the side 2, a menacing riff in conjunction with the guitar which honestly should be sung as the band plays it ala Heaven and Hell. Bruce wastes no time bringing the song into the stratosphere rivaling his perfect vocal performance from the previous track throughout the epic title track. The solo section while feeling like a separate track entirely at times from the first half of the track is the only true way to end the song as simply cutting it off would be ruining the masterpiece. Acoustic guitar comes in following the massive instrumental passage, the band comes in heavier again, Vocal delivery is a little weaker off the start, a very unique track by comparison to those that came before, it fades out acoustically directly into the next track, quickly building back up again with some great guitar work singing behind Bruce's more direct vocals. The chorus is great and catchy. Ending swiftly the final track comes in, vicious as the Evil That Men Do weaker chorus but instrumentally a strong continuation of the themes from previous songs. Ending off the album the way it began the final song ties it all into a bow.

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - 10/10
The Prophecy - 7/10
The Clairvoyant - 8.5/10
Only The Good Die Young - 8.5/10
Side 2 - 34/40

Overall: I have no idea what I was thinking the first and second times I listened to this album, it is a masterpiece continuing from each track into the next the first side is incredibly strong while the second is still good it does have an overall lower quality to it without too large of a difference between the two sides.

Overall 91%

Hollywood Vampires - Hollywood Vampires
Format: CD/Digital

The Last Vampire - A haunting intro from Christopher Lee very fitting.

Raise The Dead - Coming in from the intro with a nice quick drum beat. Alice lets out some typical Alice vocals. A nice BOC reference from the backing vocals. The chorus is actually quite good despite the lackluster vocals on the track as a whole. Nice instrumental work - 8/10

My Generation - A rocking cover of the classic track by The Who, Alice delivers some better vocals on this track, nice bass work and the band clearly is having fun on this one. Production wise much better than the original but Alice's vocals are a little more rough than Rogers which personally don't fit quite as nicely - 7.5/10

Whole Lotta Love - The reworked intro is great, Alice delivers menacingly, it is quite different but it works wonders. Brian Johnson comes in as a guest vocalist on this track laying out some great vocals. Joe and Johnny let loose some nice guitar work. Nice solo section followed by some great trading vocals from Alice and Brian. - 9/10

I've Got A Line On You - Alice sings cleanly on this track, the chorus is very distorted vocally. A straightforward track with the band mixed lower than the vocals noticeably. - 7.5/10

Five To One/Break On Through (To the Other Side) - Another track which has Alice as the centerpiece, some stomping bass work. After a little bit the band takes their turn as the medley transitions to the second track within it. Alice takes control once again as the chorus comes in the band gets excited once again. - 7.5/10

One/Jump Into The Fire - The opening of this track screams Alice all over it. The creepy vocals before the actual song comes in with the creepy vocals remaining. The song switches to the second half of it. It sounds very 70s pop rock esc with added heaviness from modern production. - 7.5/10

Come And Get It - This next track features the song writer himself Sir Paul McCartney on keys bass and guest vocals. A track which has a nice groove to it not super exciting throughout. Enjoyable like all that have come before - 7.5/10

Jeepster; Cold Turkey- Yea more of the same, this one however fits really well with Alice's vocals in conjunction with the production. Both tracks really fit better than the previous three tracks, they both feature some nice vocals from Alice and the band does a great job keeping with the - 16/20 (8/10 for both)

Manaic Depression - The Hendrix cover of the album, an admirable cover but Hendrix is quite the man to attempt to cover. Joe and Johnny do a solid job but the cover isn't the best. - 7/10

Ictypoo Park - A rather strong cover, delivered really well, harmonized vocals are a nice touch. - 8.5/10

Schools Out/Another Brick In the Wall pt2 - The final cover of the album, Alice naturally sings this song perfectly, the band is on fire and the transition into Another Brick In The Wall is perfect. The only version of School's Out anyone should ever need. - 10/10

My Dead Drunk Friends - The album closes off with a tribute to Alice's old drinking buddies, the whole album is dedicated to the members of the bands which were covered on the album whose members passed away. A nice tribute - 8/10

Overall 80%

Tommy- The Who
Format: Vinyl

Side 1: Overture/It's A Boy/1921/Amazing Journey/Sparks/The Hawker

One of the most well known 70s concept records opens up with a calm overture with minimal vocals and some nice orchestral work throughout the track, featuring some snippets of future songs, most notably the famous pinball wizard which honestly is the only track I know from this album. Only one verse in the song setting up the story of the boy who would be known as Tommy... transitioning perfectly into the second track, a short birth announcement of the birth of the son Tommy. Flowing forwards into 1921, a song about looking forwards to the future the band hasn't stopped once thus far. Amazing variety in Daltrey and Townsend's vocals in 1921. Amazing Journey features great falsetto vocals from Daltrey, the band continues to play beautifully in the background, I'm wishing it would get more explosive, and as I think it the band gets heavier and lower satisfying the change I desired in the outro of Amazing Journey into Sparks. At this point nothing has blown me away as we transition into the final track on side 1 known as The Hawker with some heavier drum work, this is where the story really takes a darker turn.

Overture/It's A Boy - 8.5/10
1921 - 8.5/10
Amazing Journey - 8.5/10
Sparks - 8.5/10
The Hawker - 8.5/10
Side 1 - 42.5/50

Side 2: Christmas/Cousin Kevin/The Acid Queen/ Underture

The second side opens with a song regarding the religious practice of Christmas, due to the disabilities of Tommy, Roger delivers some nice vocals, which thus far have been very unlike the other two albums I've heard by The Who. The backing is much better on this track, Pete comes in and sings begins asking Tommy questions with no response to them. Tommy longs to be seen, in a way that clearly is pertaining to life. The overarching theme of not being able to be saved is prominent adding a darker tone to the song. The second track on this side features the sadistic natured Cousin Kevin, sung from the perspective of the mean spirited cousin lacking any empathy for his disabled cousin, amazing vocal harmonies from Roger and John. Transitioning from the abusive cousin to the Hawkers wife who drugs the boy with LSD and preforms sexual acts, overall still the best song thus far, incredibly twisted and dark but sung in "bright" way which makes it all the more dark as it clearly is viewed as positive from the parents perspective. Transitioning into the final track of the side the lengthy Underture spanning half the side features Tommy's drug induced trip, the trip is rather subdued and frankly the song lasts too long. But it does do a decent job at conveying the every changing world Tommy finds himself in.

Christmas - 9/10
Cousin Kevin - 9/10
The Acid Queen - 10/10
Underture - 7/10
Side 2 - 35/40

Side 3: Do You Think It's Alright?/Fiddle About/Pinball Wizard/There's A Doctor/Go To The Mirror!/Tommy Can You Hear Me?/Smash The Mirror/Sensation

Side 3 opens with a very quick Beatles esc intro track before transitioning into John Entwistle's song about child molestation, another dark track combination, not super great in any regards. However the album has a glimmer of hope as a local boy notices Tommy's sheer skill with pinball dubbing him the Pinball Wizard, the classic track opens with the roaring electric guitar in conjunction with the acoustics. Roger does an amazing job on vocals. A nice change from the dark feeling of the previous tracks. More harmonies come in introducing the character of the doctor who begins to unravel the pains which Tommy has undergone and gets to the point of what has been happening. Upbeat with a dark undertone, Tommy's internal monologue. Transitioning further Tommy's mother begins asking if he can hear her before becoming angered she breaks the mirror helping Tommy break free. Becoming upbeat Tommy begins to acquire his feelings featuring some high vocals from Pete.

Do You Think It's Alright?/Fiddle About - 7.5/10
Pinball Wizard - 10/10
There's A Doctor/Go To The Mirror! - 8/10
Tommy Can You Hear Me?/Smash The Mirror - 7.5/10
Sensation - 8/10
Side 3 - 41/50

Side 4: Miracle Cure/Sally Simpson/I'm Free/Welcome/Tommy's Holiday Camp/We're Not Gonna Take It

Opening with the old school advertising of newspapers leads into a track about Tommy's growing popularity, Sally Simpson features the growing sensation with some amazing harmonies from the band with simplistic acoustic guitar in the background. Transitioning from the followers story into Tommy's feeling of freedom, having become a leader a modern messiah he expects followers to come to him, in the previous track it was shown he had followers. Pinball wizard reprise closes out the song. Smoothly transitioning into the next track Tommy begins welcoming followers to come stay with him the religious parallels is very strong in this track, he welcomes all who will listen to come join him the band builds in the background showing the growing turmoil in Tommy's "house", building once more then fading out as the penultimate track which has a very circus feel to it before becoming haunting in the last second. The final track of the album is the two part track the first of which features Tommy's followers leaving him, longer with some nice vocals and low but complex work in the background. To Tommy's dismay his followers leave him and he begins to regress back within himself...

Miracle Cure/Sally Simpson - 8/10
I'm Free - 7.5/10
Welcome/Tommy's Holiday Camp - 7.5/10
We're Not Gonna Take It - 8.5/10
Side 4: 31.5/40

Overall: Not nearly as strong as Quadrophenia which they would release later on in their career, this album flows nicely but it lacks the punch which could have made it quite strong, the dark subject matter is prominent throughout and is conveyed in a strong way. An enjoyable listen but it can feel its length at times.

Overall 83%

If You Want Blood - AC/DC
Format: Vinyl

Initial Thoughts: AC/DC presents 10 of their pre-Highway to hell songs, sadly it features two weaker ones being High Voltage and The Jack, although there is great deeper cuts such as Riff Raff and Problem Child - 8/10

Side 1: Riff Raff/ Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be/ Bad Boy Boogie/The Jack/Problem Child

Side one opens in typical AC/DC Fashion with a hard rocking track, Riff Raff lets Angus introduce himself before the band comes in letting loose some killer guitar work right off the start, Bon's vocals are gravely but still so raunchy as always. The band sounds incredibly tight sticking to the formula of the mighty rocker. Transitioning quickly the band pulls out a concert staple from the Let There Be Rock Album, nice rendition, the band sounds more tame live than they do on the studio track of this song, the talent of the Youngs is amazing. Bon lets loose some very devilish vocals. Another Let There Be Rock song comes in next the Bad Boy Boogie once again features the band completely tight and on fire. Angus extends the song with a lengthened guitar solo, Bon continues his devilish persona. Transitioning into one of the bands slower tracks, The Jack comes in slow and prodding the solo section is much better here than on the original but the song remains boring as a whole. A short pause leads the band into Problem Child, an amazing live track featuring all the grit of the original, something about the mix of this track holds it back slightly

Riff Raff - 9/10
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be - 8.5/10
Bad Boy Boogie - 9/10
The Jack - 7/10
Problem Child -9/10
Side 1 - 42.5/50

Side 2: Whole Lotta Rosie/ Rock N Roll Damnation/High Voltage/Let There Be Rock/Rocker

Side 2 kicks off with another concert classic, the call and answer guitar intro Bon rips into this track, delivering a really strong vocal performance with the killer rhythm work of Malcolm alongside his brothers blistering lead work. Heading straight into another song from Powerage, featuring gang style vocals at times, super consistent guitar work. Bon shines high on this track transitioning directly into the title track of the bands first international album. More upbeat than the studio track which helps it out slightly, still not the most amazing track but improved for sure, transitioning into the bands mighty show closes Let There Be Rock delivers killer riffing from the start and Bon is on fire for this one singing menacingly while giving Angus his time to shine rocking through the vocals culminating in a lengthened guitar solo in which he blows away any questions of his skills. The band closes off the set with a tight rendition of Rocker from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Whole Lotta Rosie - 9/10
Rock N Roll Damnation - 10/10
High Voltage - 8/10
Let There Be Rock - 10/10
Rocker - 8.5/10
Side 2 - 45.5/50

Flow - The only disruption to the outright rocking was The Jack, a song which while improved still doesn't really deserve its spot when you consider how many amazing songs AC/DC has access to at this point. - 9/10

Final thoughts - Start to finish a really good album barring the slow parts of the Jack and the odd mixes at times. - 9/10

Overall 87%

Album 123/365

1. Devour - A very different sort of opener for Manson. Much of it is quieter, more emotional, and it's only at the end where the punch in with some heaviness. It's not a bad track but it's not his best opener. 7/10
2. Pretty As A Swastika - I think that Manson was going for a rocker here, an attempt at bringing back his classic style, but he really doesn't succeed. A very average song. Lucky that it's pretty short. 5/10
3. Leave A Scar - This one's a bit of a peppier song and I really dig the chorus, a play on the classic "Whatever doesn't kill you..." phrase. Unfortunately, the rest of the song isn't memorable enough to boost it up in the ratings. 7/10
4. Four Rusted Horses - I've heard a lot of people consider this to be one of the album's best tracks. I think it's... well, there's parts of it that I like, and I applaud the attempt to write a more folksy, country sort of song. But man, it just sort of plods along without going miles. It's slightly above average because, like I said, there are parts that I like, but it's really nothing terribly special. The novelty of it wears off fast. 6/10
5. Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon - Is this up there with Manson's best singles? Not exactly, but it's a breath of fresh air on an album that so far is shaping up to be rather bland. Not a masterpiece, but it's a bop all the same. 8/10
6. Blank And White - It's fine but it's really not too memorable. That's basically most of this album; it just doesn't have what made most of Manson's great stuff great. 6/10
7. Running To The Edge Of The World - A Romeo and Juliet sort of ballad. This one is slow and building, but damn, that chorus is utterly fantastic. I don't think it's on the level of, say, "Coma White", but it's certainly the closest thing to excellence on this album so far. Great song. 9/10
8. I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies - Pros: Manson gives off some pretty great vocal performances here and there. Cons: The song is nine fucking minutes in length and Marilyn is just talking about nothing of importance for all nine of those minutes. Apparently it was cut down from an original 18 minutes, thank god, but it's still the worst thing I've heard from the guy yet. 3/10
9. WOW - Is Manson just making up all this shit on the spot? Because this one's shorter but on the same level of the previous song. A stab at an industrial dance pop song, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing but Jesus, Marilyn is just rambling here. It's some of his worst performances lyrically. The chorus saves it from hitting rock bottom but most of this song is just an audible car wreck. 3/10
10. Wight Spider - A much heavier song after the last three, with a bit of a Nine Inch Nails influence in how it all works out. Unfortunately, it's bland. It's better than the two that came before it, but it's just... nothing special. Lord have mercy. 4/10
11. Unkillable Monster - Better but still not... great. It's like a retread of "Running To The Edge Of The World", doing some different things but ultimately falling far short of that song. Sad. 6/10
12. We're From America - Having already ripped apart the country in albums prior (see: Antichrist Superstar, Holy Wood), this song ultimately comes off as being bland and repetitive. A nice beat is what keeps it a step above some of the other songs here, but once more, painfully average. Jeez this album isn't good. 5/10
13. I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell - On an album that's mostly average, this one comes off as being one of the highlights. It's not a great song, but at least it's decent. Nice listen on this bloated affair. 7/10
14. Into The Fire - Another ballad that doesn't come quite close enough at touching "Running To The Edge Of The World", but this one is actually a pretty good song. It's emotional, it feels quite personally (apparently it was written about a time Marilyn cut himself over 150 times) and is surprisingly one of the best ones on the album. 8/10
15. 15 - And we end with a fine but underwhelming song. It feels more optimistic, thankfully, but lord was this a trudge. 6/10

Bloated and bland album. It had its moments, but its low points were lower than anything else the guy has released up to this point. A stupendously shocking fall from grace that not even Twiggy Ramirez could avert.

Rating: 60%

Slash - Slash
Format: Vinyl

Side 1: Ghost/Crucify The Dead/Beautiful Dangerous/Back From Cali

The side opens with a nice rocking track known as Ghost, sun by Ian Astbury, his vocals are the only part of this song which aren't absolutely amazing, great riff from Slash with a nice drum intro and an amazing solo. The song's breakdown begins calmly before picking back up again and transitioning into Crucify the Dead featuring the Prince Of Darkness himself starting slowly with a nice Slash mini solo introducing the song as Ozzy sings in a fairly nice way before the song picks up and Ozzy loses a little of his vocal's amongst the band. The slow parts are great, chorus is weakest and frankly pulls me out of the song but wow is Slash's solo amazing. Fergie replaces Ozzy on vocals for the next track. Continuing the track of pushing me out of the record, her vocals just aren't rocking enough at times, others she delivers some great powerful vocals with Slash delivering a fairly good track behind it all. Then the side closes with Myles coming and delivering a killer vocal from the start, Slash lets out a really strong solo on a track which continues to build throughout.

Ghost - 8.5/10
Crucify The Dead 8/10
Beautiful Dangerous - 7/10
Back From Cali - 10/10
Side 1 - 33.5/40

Side 2: Promise/By The Sword/Gotten

Slash wastes no time kicking off side 2, another enjoyable riff opens the side and Chris Cornell comes in singing, once again the chorus is the weakest part as Cornell's vocals are layered too much. Musically Slash is clearly leaning towards a poppier rock sound with this one. The mini epic track of the album comes in next, Andrew Stockdale comes in singing distantly as Slash lets out building guitar work, performing a chorus without the bands backing, amazing track start to finish, with some amazing vocals despite the style not being entirely up my alley. The final song on side 1 comes in calm once again, featuring Adam Levine on vocals, a very poppy rock ballad. Not entirely what I'm looking for from Slash but it fits really well with Adam

Promise - 8/10
By The Sword - 10/10
Gotten - 8/10
Side 2 - 26/30

Side 3: Doctor Alibi/Watch This/ I Hold On/Nothing To Say

Side 3 kicks off with a roaring rocker worthy of featuring Lemmy, backing vocals on this one are amazing, the song as a whole is great but Lemmy's vocals haven't done too much for me in the past, this time they do fit in quite well with Slash's rocking guitar work and the quick drums. In leiu of having a vocallist on this next track Slash recruits Dave Grohl and Duff McKagen for drums and bass respectively for an instrumental track, the three players are all amazing in their own right and deliver a really enjoyable instrumental track. Transitioning perfectly into the next track Kid Rock comes in and the music lightens slightly, an upbeat rocker. Nothing super special. Side 3 closes with a song whose opening riff makes me think Ozzy is going to come back out, instead M Shadows comes in, gravely vocals but they suit the heavier atmosphere of the song very well.

Doctor Alibi - 8.5/10
Watch This - 8.5/10
I Hold On - 7.5/10
Nothing To Say - 8.5/10
Side 3 - 33/40

Side 4: Starlight/Saint Is A Sinner Too/We're All Gonna Die

Myles returns for a monster ballad, the instruments themselves would have made an amazing instrumental track but wow does Myles elevate this track through the stratosphere. A perfect ballad. Calm guitar work with a very young sounding voice brings in the penultimate track, a pleasant track which frankly I didn't expect a second ballad following up the first. The final track brings in Punk Icon Iggy Pop, singing deeply with a very non-caring punk esc feel to it the song closes off the album in a nice and very fitting way. The only downside to the song is Iggy's vocals not being super strong throughout

Starlight - 10/10
Saint Is A Sinner Too - 8.5/10
We're All Gonna Die - 9/10
Side 4 - 27.5/30

Overall some absolutely amazing tracks some which are good in some ways and slightly lacking in others but as a whole the album is really enjoyable and a great way for Slash to start his solo career.

Overall 86%

Screaming For Vengeance - Judas Priest
Format: Vinyl

Side 1: The Hellion/Electric Eye/Riding On The Wind/Bloodstone/(Take These Chains)/Pain And Pleasure

A short instrumental track leads directly into the first true song on the album, Rob sings very distantly at the beginning then coming in with some frankly whinier vocals before a direct rocking track which could be much better with consistent vocals, an amazing solo. Closing off the second track speeds in with a drum intro and some amazing guitar work. Rob has figured out how to sing Priest songs once again amazing screams, instrumentally perfection and a clear predecessor to Painkiller. Continuing on the trend of epic intros Bloodstone comes in with a riff that makes you want to cry out the name of the track, amazing vocals once again and a melodic solo. Slowing down for a ballad an enjoyable switch, a chorus which honestly should have kept the harmonies for the whole thing instead of dropping them partway through, a good switch from the hard rocking before the band goes back into a heavier feeling with the side closer which loses most the momentum that the band had worked up on the previous tracks, not pulling the listener in not an outstanding vocal performance, and fairly good solo but nothing amazing.

The Hellion/Electric Eye - 8/10
Riding On The Wind - 10/10
Bloodstone - 10/10
(Take These) Chains - 8.5/10
Pain And Pleasure - 6.5/10
Side 1 - 43/50

Side 2: Screaming For Vengeance/You've Got Another Thing Comin'/Fever/Devil Child

A brutal scream opens side 2 of the album as the title track stays true to its name, Halford sings incredibly fast throughout the song with some little screams spread out within the track. Amazing soloing between Tipton and Downing letting their axes scream in perfect harmony. Halford and company close out the song with some amazing screams constant increasing speed then transitioning directly into the concert staple and radio staple Rob delivers it perfectly as does the band. Gonna sit back and enjoy this one... Fever comes in with a very polished guitar sound, the band comes in and a definitive groove comes in the background. A nice solo with a fairly strong performance from Halford, the guitar duo is amazing and do a great job with their harmonies. Ending well and leading into the final track of the album Devil Child comes in with a Halford singing higher once again, letting out some near screaming vocals in the chorus. Midpaced and

Screaming For Vengeance - 9/10
You've Got Another Thing Comin' - 10/10
Fever - 8/10
Devil Child - 8.5/10
Side 2 - 35.5/40

Overall the album has definetely grown on me, Halford's vocals most of all, the album as a whole did much better than my previous listen through.

Overall 87%
SFV is one of the most overrated metal albums ever imo. Bloodstone is just one long chorus, Pain and Pleasure shouldn't have made the record, Fever is a Journey song essentially, and Devil's Child is just kind of boring.

The rest of it is good though! I actually like Take These Chains, which is controversial.

Go ahead now, crucify me.
SFV is one of the most overrated metal albums ever imo. Bloodstone is just one long chorus, Pain and Pleasure shouldn't have made the record, Fever is a Journey song essentially, and Devil's Child is just kind of boring.

The rest of it is good though! I actually like Take These Chains, which is controversial.

Go ahead now, crucify me.
Fever and Take These Chains rules.