1. Perun

    Perun's Top 9 Maiden Songs With Nicko But Without Janick That Were Never Played Live But Should Be

    9. Sun And Steel I'd Shit My Pants If They Played This One Live. 8. Quest For Fire They Could Have Had A Walk-On T-Rex Eddie For This one. What A Missed Opportunity. 7. Flash Of The Blade I'd Totally Sell My Sperm To See This One Live. 6. Back In The Village Some Say They Played It Live, But...
  2. fredo96993

    Sixth Powerslave Song Played Live?

    I was just reading through Rock Candy magazine, issue 2 because Maiden were on the cover. The article is about the Polish tour in 1984. The writer Howard Johnson claims that they played six new songs on the first date of the tour in Warsaw. Iirc there are occasional rumours about Back in the...
  3. Metalliville

    Review of the Barclays Center Show on Metalliville Zine!

    Check out the Review of Iron Maiden Live at Barclays Center, New York on July 21st, 2017 that is now on - Direct link is
  4. matic22

    Songs performed at ridiculous speeds live

    As we all know bends tend to speed things up a little when they perform live. So this is a thread for posting ridiculously fast performances of songs. Here is one. Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Turbocharged Alien (Sevilla '91) So what other ridiculously fast performances do you know?