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    Black Metal

    ^ :lol:
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    Black Metal

    Ah Inquisition! A band I can't tell if they are awful or genius haha! If you know what I mean?
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    Great sources for TONS of bootlegs!

    It may just be that they are high quality MP3 or FLAC, so they will be an overall larger set of files. That said, your average DVD is around 3 to 5 GB and that's not an unfeasible amount to be able to download in one go.... Thing is with downloads is you can never be sure what your getting. File...
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    Iron Maiden songs – a rough overview of their “live history”

    No doubt this has been pointed out before, but there is something a little saddening about this list. That is, that there seems to be zero likelihood of any of the 'not played' songs ever actually being played in the future. My basis for this is that when they released an album and select a...
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    Great sources for TONS of bootlegs!

    I'm not so sure folk even trade any more, so much as just share them online. Last time I traded it was all about high quality CDR's! I too will be looking at expanding my boots when I get my own list sorted and will happily throw a few your way. What I'm struggling with right now is the lack of...
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    New posters! Who are you?

    Haha, true, but then I suppose that applies to most of the north east!
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    ^ Beat me to it!
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    The Edge of Darkness

    10, one of my favourite Blaze songs. Again, really for me the MOTE single has most of the best material IMO.
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    'Judgement Day'

    Why this wasn't on the album I will never understand. Second to SOTC for me the best X Factor song. I don't quite understand how somehow the production is better. I assume it's something to do with the mastering as I find this with the whole MOTE single.
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    Love this song when it came out and still kick myself for not getting the 12" at the time. For some reason in later years I decided it was crap, but listened to it only yesterday and remembered why I liked it in the first place. Video was a bit pointless though. a strong 7, maybe verging on 8...
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    Iron Maiden songs – a rough overview of their “live history”

    Yeah I get ya. I suppose the same rule applies to Judgement Day, hell I wish they'd play that live!
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    Iron Maiden songs – a rough overview of their “live history”

    Fair enough, it seems to be the only track not mentioned though? But you'll no doubt correct me again haha!
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    Your first records?

    Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction, must have been the summer of 1994 or maybe it was 1995, I forget.
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    Post your Iron maiden concerts

    ^ Indeed, what he said. Shame my experience of that gig was a bit marred by the fact that I felt sick the entire night. I think it was down to a bad festival burger haha
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    OLD CORPSE ROAD - British Black Metal -

    OLD CORPSE ROAD - British Black Metal -